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Vitrified / Porcelain Tile

SakarMarbo is the leading Vitrified & Porcelain tiles manufacturer offers the most ideal tiles which will enhance the planning and feel of your ambiance.

Choose Double Charge Tiles & Add Touch of Elegance to Your Floor

If you have been planning renovation of your home or office and want to add a touch of elegance to flooring, then must choose Double charge vitrified tiles. Also, the leading tile manufacturers in Morbi recommend using these tiles to elevate the appearance of floor in a cost effective manner.

Wood look tile flooring is the latest trend nowadays. These tiles are durable as well as give an elegant look of hardwood. SakarMarbo is a leading wood look tile manufacturer, develops wood look tiles in the strip format with a perfect finish.

Equip Your Pavement Area with Our Range of Parking Tiles

Parking Tiles are capable to withstand heavy load and are highly durable and low maintenance. Parking entryway sets the anticipation of the feel and design of the entire property. Equip your pavement areas with our range of parking tiles.

Unlike marbles, a vitrified tile is manually made that makes it comparatively affordable. One more thing is this tile can be used for both indoor and outdoor flooring. In short, vitrified tile has many reasons to get chosen by builders and house owners.

What Makes Vitrified Tile So Popular?

According to vitrified tile manufacturer, these tiles are easy to install, clean and maintain because of their anti-stain properties. They absorb water which help them to preserve their shine for a long time. One more thing which make this tile quite popular is its higher abrasion resistance.

Porcelain Tile is a perfect choice for your flooring because it’s resistant to water & high temperature and also highly durable. SakarMarbo is a top-notch tile manufacturer develops porcelain tile in variety of designs and size. Explore our collection and find a best-fit tile for your floor at cost effective price.

Double Charge vitrified tiles can be use in heavily frequented areas as it is highly durable and easy to maintain. It is mainly use in commercial spaces like airports, hospitals, malls etc. SakarMarbo is top-notch double charge vitrified tile manufacturer offers the best quality tiles which will give elegantly trendy and refreshing look to your floors.

The installation of these tiles is very easy and less time-consuming. Also, the manufacturer of floor tile in India has exposed that its maintenance and cleaning process is very easy.


Adorn your space with Appealing a wide range of GVT or PGVT tiles

Adorn your space with Appealing a wide range of GVT or PGVT tiles

Contact us: 📞 7926575846

Adorn Your Space with Appealing Glazed Vitrified Tiles

SakarMarbo is a pioneering manufacturer of digital glazed vitrified tile in various finishes like Matte, Rustic, Sugar, and Lapato. We develop vitrified tiles into a wide variety of prints and designs to suit your unique requirement.


Make your floor with our most premium and best quality double charged vitrified tiles

Make your floor with our most premium and best quality double charged vitrified tiles

Contact us: 📞 7926575846

Feel Luxurious with SakarMarbo's Innovative Vitrified Tile

SakarMarbo is known for manufacturing an innovative vitrified tile so that you feel luxurious at your place. We are offering the best prices for various tiles based on their size. Contact us and decorate your property uniquely.

Why Digital Vitrified Tiles Are The Best Choice For You?

When it comes to the tile of your own choice, Digital vitrified tiles are the most favored. Digital printing technology has created new opportunities for vitrified tiles to be customized according to a particular theme or pattern of your own choice.


Graphite Honey Wood Like Tile

Graphite Honey Wood Like Tile

We develop wood look tile in strip format with a perfect finish.

Contact us: 📞 7926575846


Top Quality Porcelain Tile At Pocket Friendly Price

SakarMarbo is a leading manufacturer and exporter engaged in a wide range of Porcelain tile in India and worldwide. Our unique collection of tiles will perfectly match with today’s and tomorrow’s lifestyle. The offered range of products is widely demanded because of its good quality and attractive patterns.


The Most Reliable Tile company India

SakarMarbo is regarded as one of the most authentic tile company India due to its commitment to providing an extensive range of tiles. We offer a variety of tiles, whether it is ceramic tiles or porcelain tiles. Our products are continuously updated and up to trend.

The Ultimate Guide To Different Types Of Vitrified Tiles

Tiles are the most popular flooring solutions these days. Whether it is full-body vitrified tile or glazed vitrified tile each has its qualities and is used as per one’s requirements. Tiles give classy look to the place and are easy to maintain and clean. So select the tiles as per your requirements and give your place the look you want.

Explore Distinctive Collection of Full Body Vitrified Tile

Planning to decorate your property with full-body vitrified tile? SakarMarbo - a leading tile manufacturer makes it using the mixture of refined natural clays and natural pigments of different colors. We make it available in glossy, matte, and rough finish.

PGVT tiles add beauty and luxury to space. They are the most consistent in sizes, shades, thickness, and are suitable for heavy traffic areas. They are the most versatile tiles in the market over other types of porcelain tiles and thus can be used almost everywhere.

4-step Guide on Importing Tiles from Indian Market

Before planning to visit India for exporting tiles you should make an appointment so that it can save your time. SakarMarbo is known for its hospitality. Thus we will make sure that you feel like you are at your home. You should even visit SakarMarbo USP units and check out how ceramic wall tiles and other tiles are manufactured.

Types of 600×600 mm Tiles to Add in Your Catalogue

600×600 mm tiles are also called 2×2 feet tile and are classified mainly into four categories i.e. Soluble salt nano tile, Double charged vitrified tiles, which are also known as double-loaded porcelain tiles, Digital Glazed Vitrified/Porcelain Tile, Full Body Porcelain/Vitrified Tile.