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Top 10 dishes to try in Hong Kong - Tantalise your tastebuds in Hong Kong

If you thought Hong Kong was only about the skyscrapers and the fast-paced business life, then you were mistaken as the country has delightful food.


Sweet and Sour Pork

This is one of the most delightful dishes in Hong Kong. The sweet and sour pork is full of flavour and a great snack offered by any rooftop restaurant. Hong Kong street food vendors also sell sweet and sour pork with various sauces.



Wontons are known to be a very popular dish that is celebrated around the world as it is a preferred dish by many. However, in Hong Kong, you can find the traditional preparation which is a broth cooked with chicken, salted fish and pork simmered on the stove for a long time.


Roasted Goose

Roasted goose is said to be completely different in taste to roasted chicken. For those who love snacking while on the move this is one the best options as it is not messy and can be found in every street food cart in Hong Kong.


Shrimp and Chicken Balls

This is a delightful snack that is generally served at weddings and important royal ceremonies. It is a combination of shrimp and chicken mixed together and fried into balls. These are generally had with rice or noodles or as a snack with a sweet and sour salad.


Wind Sand Chicken

This is a dish that can be commonly seen in many households in Hong Kong during festivities and other celebrations. A whole chicken is stuffed and flavoured, then finely chopped garlic is sprinkled over the chicken before it is put in the oven.


Phoenix Talons, also known as Chickens' feet

Even though this is not a very popular snack among the tourists this is one of the most popular dishes among the older generations in Hong Kong and China.


Steamed Shrimp Dumplings

If you love dumplings then you are bound to love the steamed Shrimp Dumplings which are a healthier option over most other dumplings. This can be found in street food carts as well as in restaurants.


Fish Balls

There are two types you can find which can be divided as cooked and uncooked fish balls. The cooked fish balls are more like a street food which is fried fish made into a ball and served with a sweet or chilli sauce. The uncooked variation is more expensive and can be found in restaurants and supermarkets and this is generally an accompaniment in hot pots or noodles.


Beef brisket noodles

The beef is braised or stewed and then served as an add-on or sauce with wheat noodles. This dish is one of the most famous dishes in every household in Hong Kong and can be frequently found in many restaurants as well. The Murray Hong Kong has a reputation in being able to serve a traditional Beef brisket Noodles dish.


Pineapple bread

The ingredients in making the bread do not include Pineapples. The look of the surface of the bun is what has brought this name and it is one of the most commonly found bread in all bakeries around Hong Kong. It is a sweet delight that is had with tea or coffee during meals.

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