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10 Reasons to Visit Hong Kong - All about Hong Kong

Hong Kong is generally considered a very business-like city that attracts CEOs and Managing Directors but there is more to Hong Kong than skyscrapers and business lounges.


World highest Bar

If you love partying in the night then you are bound to go to Hong Kong and party the night away. Hong Kong is home to one of the most exciting bars in the world as it is known to be the highest bar. Located on the 118th floor which is 1608 feet above sea level.


Hiking trails

Breakaway from the numerous buildings and head to nature as you go on a hike along some of the most calming hiking trails in Asia. The hiking trails will allow you to witness some breath-taking views of the city and the ocean,


Dim Sum

Dim sum is a point on the list that does not need much information as Hong Kong is extremely popular for the most amazing Dim Sum made in the world. The Murray Hong Kong is known to serve a delightful Dim Sum that comes with a view.


Cruising on a junk

If you love the concrete towers and the skyscrapers that reach up to the sky, the best way to witness their beauty is from a cruise ship. You get to see the sky light-up behind the buildings and the lights bring the city alive at night.


Calming getaways

There are many religious and cultural spots for recreation located in the outskirts of Hong Kong. This allows many businessmen and women to take a break from the busy day to day routine in order to rest and relax in a calming environment. These retreats are for overnight guests and are a combination of activities such as reading, cooking and walking, that you would like to be engaged in.


Street Art

Walking around a new city or country is a delightful experience by its self. However, walking down Sheung Wan street is a treat for the artist in your as there are many famous characters brought to life on the sides of the walls



Hong Kong is considered a shopaholic's paradise. If you are looking for branded international labels then you are in luck as there are many malls which house international brands from around the world. Most of the best hotels in Hong Kong are located around the vicinity of the shopping malls.


Island hopping

There are many islands around Hong Kong that one can visit. You can hop on a boat and go on a guided tour if you wish to learn about the islands, their history and any significant information.


Transport system

If you are not a fan of spending time on the road wasting your time in traffic then Hong Kong would inspire you greatly as their transport system is absolutely amazing and even the first time visitors to the country are able to identify the manner in which it operates.


Trendiest escalator in the world

If you are short of time yet, wish to explore Hong Kong getting on the world's longest covered escalator is your best bet. You get pass cafes, antique shops, restaurants and many other landmarks which include historically important locations while on this escalator

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