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Best Festivals in Bali - Native fun!

Bali has a lot going on throughout the year and if you are planning a visit to Bali anytime soon to make sure you time your holiday to match these festivals.


Tumpek Kandang

This is an extremely special occasion that this celebrated as an honour to animals regardless of whether it is a pet or wildlife. This festival is conducted by farmers to pray for the successful harvest and also by animal lovers who are concerned about the wellbeing of these animals. This festival runs for more than a day, day one is dedicated to the animals and day two is dedicated honouring the tools used in farming. This festival might seem quite unusual to people coming from a Western country but it is still a popular event that is worth checking out. Many variations of this festival are celebrated in many parts of Asia. This festival happens in the last week of January usually.


Nyepi Day

To put it simply, this is a New Year celebration that will be unlike any other New Year celebration you have ever been to. This New Year is the Sakae New Year which also known as the Bali day of silence and it is a day in which all the natives pause their activities. The shops are closed, nobody leaves the homes, the roads are completely free of traffic and at night, none of the street lights or the house lights is turned on. For visitors in Bali, this might seem like an incredibly uncomfortable and inconvenient festival but this has a unique story attached to it that you should ask a local when you are there. The day after this festival head to the villages close by. Some of the best hotels in Seminyak the likes of Montigo Resorts Seminyak will have no problem showing you the directions to where the festival happens.


Purnama Kedasa

This is the tenth full moon of the religious calendar and it is a very significant day among the Hindus on the island. Many Hindu temples have sacred rituals and poojas which attended by hundreds. The temples attract huge crowds for one of the major rituals that honour the deities and the dead, asking them to bless the people of the religion. The Sunday before the actual festival is a day where the pilgrims can carry their valuables and belongings to the holy water locations. If you are interested in checking out this festival find out when the full moon falls during the year of your vacation.


Ubud Food Festival

If you have researched anything about Bali at all you would have definitely come across the Ubud food festival. This is something anybody will have a great time at. This festival happens between the 13th and 15th of April every year and has some of the best Indonesian and Bali cuisines for you to try. Some of the most popular chefs in the country are known to cook for this festival. Apart from the yummy food available at this event you can also find the rare spices and ingredients, including farm-fresh and organic stuff that you might not be able to find at a usual farmers market.

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