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5 Reasons to visit Siem Reap – To throw some inducements your way

The popular travel destination in Cambodia, Siem Reap dazzles its visitors with a charming tourist scene. You can spend a week in the city and still feel as if you've barely scratched the surface.


The local cuisine

This is always a good reason for anyone to visit a foreign city. Though underrated for some unknown reason, Cambodian food is something you'd instantly fall in love with – the dishes are made of the freshest ingredients, and they are healthy too. For the duration you are in Siem Reap, make it a point to visit a local restaurant every day and sample some of their traditional Cambodian dishes. Among the restaurants you may fancy are Khmer Kitchen, Sugar Palm and Viroth.


The Temples

Another distinct feature in Siem Reap, Cambodia is its temples. You've no doubt heard of Angkor Wat, which is the main highlight. There's also the Tomb Raider temple which you might know if you watched the movie – this particular temple is a special favourite among those who like to take pictures wherever they go; the temple seems to be enrooted among the wilderness and hugged by the humungous roots of a banyan tree. Then there is Bayon Temple – the former state temple with 54 towers that sits in the city complex. As you make your way towards the city gate, you'll be greeted by carved stone faces that represent both good and evil, and the constant battle between them.


The Markets

The city is dotted with street markets – an integral part of Cambodian life. During your time in Siem Reap, you can visit one of these eventful markets and be witness to the commotion brought about by sellers and buyers. The most famous market is the Central Market which is located paces away from FCC Angkor Siem Reap or in other words FCC Angkor– the market was built in 1935 and is housed in a domed building with four wings; there are crafts, food items, Cambodian delicacies and clothing items that fascinate the tourists.


The Museums

To make your Cambodian tour a total experience, visit Angkor National Museum. The ancient Cambodian glory and the origins of ancient Khmer kingdoms are the essence of the display at the museum. However, if you make your way to the Cambodia Landmine Museum, something of a sombre note is revealed. Found inside Angkor National Park, the war museum depicts the civil war that took the nation by surprise and the brutal Khmer Rouge regime – you'll also be given a chance to converse with ex-soldieries who were subject to the unpleasant actuality of a civil war.


The Unspoilt Islands

For someone looking for an idyllic getaway, Cambodia comes bearing gifts. The unperturbed islands and beaches are a thing of beauty and add necessary character to Cambodian tourist scene. Koh Rong and Koh Rong Sanloem are two of those exquisite islands found in Cambodia. If you hop on a ferry, you'll reach one of the islands in no time. These islands are sufficiently provisioned with bungalows, guesthouses and restaurants.

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