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Top 6 Jobs as a Makeup Artist

If you are studying to become a makeup artist or just plan to enroll in a program in the future, there are plenty of jobs available that can help you make a good living.


1. Salon and Spa Makeup Artist

Many salons and spas will hire a makeup artist to have in-house for clients. The exciting part about this job is that you can have both rotating clients coming in for special occasions, like brides, high school students for dances, and birthday makeovers, as well as loyal, regular clients.


2. Theater and Video Makeup

2. Theater and Video Makeup

Every theater production of every size needs a makeup artist. From community theater to Broadway, you can find a job doing makeup for actors to help accentuate facial features, create wounds, or even as part of an elaborate costume for a magical creature. The same is true with video production; there are many different ways to use makeup to create looks. Each day will look different for a video artist where stage makeup will look similar day to day but change between shows.


3. Celebrity Makeup

The definition of celebrity is loose these days- you can do celebrity makeup for social influencers, movie stars, and athletes. Many celebrities are photographed every day and don't have the time or knowledge to do their own makeup. This is where having a personal makeup artist comes in handy. Doing someone else's makeup every day can be fun and a good paying career, depending on the celebrity. If you are really good, you can get a reputation among important circles which can bring a lot of jobs.


4. Runway Makeup Artist

4. Runway Makeup Artist

An exciting and very artistic place to use your makeup skills is the runway. Fashion shows are often themed and require elaborate makeup jobs. These jobs require accentuating and complementing the outfits and features. The stakes (and stress levels) are high, which means the rewards are big. It is a fun way to unleash your creativity.


5. Print Makeup

Print makeup means doing makeup jobs for publications whether that is for celebrities being featured in magazines or makeup for models in product ads. The makeup artist works closely with the director and photographer to create just the right look for the vision of the project and sticking with branding. This is another area where you can really show your skills and creativity. It can be a very lucrative area of makeup artistry.


6. Beauty Influencer

6. Beauty Influencer

Beauty blogging, vlogging, and internet educator are great ways to share your knowledge and build a base of followers. Giving helpful tips, reviewing products, and showing new techniques are all areas that people love to learn. There are many influencers who have made a name for themselves with makeup by taking this route. Learning how to market yourself can make all the difference here and even get you a good clientele for freelance jobs.


Starting On the Path

In order to become a makeup artist, it's important to get a good education on the best techniques and basic rules of makeup. Learning appropriate skin tones, skin types, and complementary colors are just the beginning of what you can learn in school. When you graduate, you will be able to create special effects, different trends, and how to change your skills for the various applications required in this field. Find the right makeup artistry school near you.