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The Role of an Attorney in the Probate Process

Probate is the legal process by which a person’s assets are distributed after death. To the fullest extent possible, it is a good idea to attempt to minimize what has to go through a legal probate process. Probate administration is a complex process that can involve many conflicts. Call us at 305-358-1771 for access to the best probate & special needs lawyers.

How Trusts Can Help You Protect Your Loved Ones

A trust can preserve assets and provide loved ones with long-term income and security. Whether you are interested in a charitable remainder trust, special needs trust, living trust, or any other trust,the attorneys at Luis E. Barreto & Associates, P.A. have a wealth of experience in all types of trust creation and administration matters.

Best Lawyer For Guardianship Litigation In Miami

Many elderly people are capable of managing their affairs and do not require to be placed in guardianship. Our Luis E. Barreto & Associates, P.A. firm represents people who are defending themselves from guardianship proceedings and wish to maintain a measure of control over their lives and finances.

When Is The Right Time To Talk To An Elder Care Lawyer

An elder care lawyer can help you create a power of attorney if you want to move to a retirement community, create a living will or can help you select a good healthcare provider. Although most seniors want to take care of these issues all by themselves, getting professional help is very important, as it can reduce costs, risks, stress and get a better, more beneficial deal for you in the long run.

How Litigation Attorneys Can Help Your Firm

In fact, a lot of business owners simply don’t understand how a litigation attorney in Miami can help their company. Lawyers can help you in almost every aspect of running your business. You can receive assistance for zoning compliance, trademark and copyright issues, incorporation, lawsuits, liability, and multiple other problems.

Knowing the Role of the Personal Representative in Probate

A personal representative is one of the key figures in probate proceedings. An effective personal representative may ensure that the decedent’s assets find their way to the appointed heirs and beneficiaries without any unnecessary delays. Luis E. Barreto & Associates, P.A. offers comprehensive assistance with probate administration.

5 Questions to Ask Before You Hire A Medical Power Attorney

Hiring a malpractice lawyer is a very important decision. It’ll be something you'll have to go through. Your injury could impact your financial life as well as your emotional life, so you’ll need a lawyer to walk you through the process.

How Estate Planning Can Reduce Your Estate Taxes In Miami

There are ways to make sure you keep more of your money, and your family gets more of your estate when you die. This process is called estate planning, and more and more people are trying to utilize its benefits to protect their assets for future generations.

When Should You Need a Property Lawyer?

Everyone knows buying a home is a large investment, in some cases, the largest investment people can make. Buying a home is expensive, but it is also risky. A real estate lawyer or a property lawyer in Miami is trained to help people with real estate law. The help can extend to buying, selling or renting a home.

Wills Vs Trusts - Which is Better For You

You've definitely heard about wills before. It's the legal document most people draft in order to transfer their assets after death. Although wills are fairly popular and most people try to at least draft a basic will before they die, trusts are not as popular. Few people know what trusts are and how they work. And fewer know what revocable living trusts are.

Probate – The Ultimate FAQ

Probate is the court-supervised process focused on the management and administration of a person’s affairs, after his or her death. The probate process is available across the country, in all states, and its provisions are similar across all jurisdictions.