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5 Street Eats You have to Try- A taste of the unmatched street food scene of Sri Lanka

Of course, travel is about exploring a country's rich culture and attraction alike among many other things. What brings these experiences together is a touch of indulgence in their culinary fantasies. For a taste of Sri Lanka's indulgent food scene, here is a list of its 5 must-try street foods.


Isso Vadei

Isso Vadei is a deep-fried spicy lentil cake flattened to perfection, generally with a couple of prawns balanced on the top, or in the more unorthodox cases, with prawns blended in chunk into the lentil cake mix. It doesn't sound like much but believe that it will have you at one nuclear, orange glance of crunchy goodness and will assuredly have you picking your pennies for more. Street vendors camping along the Galle Face Green walk-path tipping these beauties will graciously let you have a hit and the rest will be history! Restaurants such as Rare at Residence have amazing recipes built purely to honor the islands rich harvest of fresh seafood and is definitely worthwhile a look at if you are looking for a more formal dining experience. It is insane how people have come up with delicious ideas as such, but to whoever who did so, we will forever be thankful!



You know how on a cold, winter day, you long for a fulfilling warmth of a cuppa hot cocoa? Well, to the islanders of the tropical, sunny and gorgeous Sri Lanka, this is a steaming hot plate of fried chicken cheese kottu! It's made using their typical flatbread (roti), vegetables, spices, a choice of meat and occasionally even cheese based on the likes of the people. The next best thing to the taste of this rustic and next-level comfort food, is the sound of show tunes illustrated by the hasty chefs banging on their flat cast-iron cooking plate with their mixing handles to chop up the most amazing kottu. Nana's at the Galle face Green is an infamous joint for Kottu and while waiting for your food to arrive, you may as well enjoy the lapping waves breaking cheeky at the shores.



Hoppers are yet another intriguingly complex dish that Sri Lankans have whipped up in time and it couldn't taste any more amazing! It's crispy edges surrounded by the plush almost cloud-like centers are a favorite among families for breakfast when served with eggs, but is also versatile enough in itself to be called dinner when served along side a spicy beef or pork curry and some chillie-salsa. Most street side vendors serve up hoppers to delight the after-work crowds, particularly if their looking to settle in for a night with an easy and light dinner! It is most definitely a must try, not only because its super amazing, but also because it is such a cheap treat, so cheap that its almost free!



These triangular pieces of deep-fried perfection are a longstanding delicacy among Sri Lankas and comes from the existential Indian culinary influence within the community. Typically, samosas are a vegetarian treat although at present, there are numerous different sorts of delicious fillings which have been customized to appeal to the foodie-population of Sri Lanka. The best thing about these delightful short-eat is its crunchy first bite and the first taste of its filling packing a punch with the notorious spices used by the locals. Look no more, treat yourself to some of these beauties at most any Bombay Sweet Shop you encounter on your venture!


Saravita and Coconuts

Although not a food per say, this is more of an after-meal treat which comes in the form of bright green balls of beetle leaves topped with playfully colored, shredded coconut bits. Its more like a street dessert, but to be honest, the thrill of munching on one of these merely buds from the inner child in you, attracted to the wild luminous colors!

Of course, should you want to opt for a more formal meal for the evening, you would not be disappointed stepping into almost any renowned restaurant in Colombo.

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