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Updated by Sentrient on Dec 24, 2020
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Workplace Compliance System

Workplace sexual harassment complaint procedure

Are you facing the issue of sexual harassment at the workplace? Here, we have discussed the legal complaint procedure to resolve things as they should be.

The 5 Most Obvious Benefits of Workplace Sexual Harassment Training

Is sexual harassment training really needed? Here, in this blog, we will talk about the top 5 most obvious benefits of sexual harassment training for your business.

Who Needs Sexual Harassment Training?

Sexual harassment training is needed by everyone in an organisation like employees, managers and team leaders, contractors, suppliers, volunteers, etc. Sentrient is one of the fastest-growing and most sought after providers of workplace compliance training programs.

Who Needs Sexual Anti-harassment Training? | YouTube

Who needs sexual anti-harassment training? Sexual anti-harassment training helps in not only prevention and mitigation but also the identification of such behaviours. Subscribe us on YouTube.

5 Reasons Why EEO is Good for Your Organisation | Sentrient

Why implementing best practise EEO is vital for your organisation? Here are 5 reasons why it is good for your organisation. Watch out the full video.

Principles of Equal Employment Opportunity

Here in this blog, we are going to share with you some principles of equal employment opportunity that every employer should know. Read carefully.

Difference Between a Compliment and Sexual Harassment

What is the difference between a compliment and sexual harassment? Workplace sexual harassment training and policies are essential to identify, mitigate and prevent workplace sexual harassment.

Zero Tolerance for Workplace Bullying - Sentrient

In this blog, we have discussed key points that can help you take reasonable steps to ensure a workplace that is free from bullying.

5 Tips to Create a High Trust Organisation | YouTube

How to create a high trust organisation? Here in this video, you will see the top 5 things that every business do to create a better workplace.

What is Workplace Bullying and Workplace Conflict? | YouTube

It is important to educate staff on recognising and understanding if it is a bullying situation or an unsuspecting conflict. Here in this video, we will help you to understand the difference between both.

How to Get Started with Workplace Compliance Training

It is important to take the right first steps and have appropriate guidance at each step of your training program. Here are the few key things that need to be done when you are about to roll out workplace compliance training.

Importance of Workplace Incidents Reporting Process

Do you have any reporting process for incidents that occur at your workplace? Having appropriate workplace policies in place to support workplace compliance training is a must. Watch this video for more details.

Having the Right Workplace Training & Policies in Place?

When it comes to workplace incidents such as bullying, harassment or discrimination, all reasonable steps are required to avoid such an incident. Watch this video for more details about it.

3 Most Common Workplace Compliance Law Myths

There are many businesses who do not understand their legal obligations or choose not to meet them when it comes to the provision of compliance training. Here are 3 common workplace compliance law myths.

The 'Your Honour Test' and Workplace Compliance System

By considering the ‘Your Honour Test’ and putting a reliable workplace compliance system in place, Sentrient can help you to ‘do the right thing’ and protect your business! Watch this video for full details.

How a Reliable Workplace Compliance System Can Save Your Business?

A reliable workplace compliance system ensures that people come to work feeling safe and are treated fairly with respect. The absence of it can lead to claims of legal liability, lost time spent in investigations, massive brand damage and many other issues. Watch this video.

Human Resource Management System | Sentrient

The Sentrient human resource management system is the most simple to implement, easy to use and reliable online HR management solution for small and medium businesses and larger organisations in Australia and New Zealand.

Performance Management System by Sentrient

Employee performance management and effective performance appraisal system that will build trust, drive engagement and improve employee productivity. Start your free trial today!

FREE Online Infection Prevention and Control Course for Australian Businesses

Sentrient has made available online course to create awareness for infection prevention and control for all staff in Australian workplaces including employees, contractors and volunteers. Watch this video for more details.

Best Learning Management System by Sentrient

Best learning management system (LMS) that will enable you to direct learning, encourage knowledge sharing and improve performance. Get your FREE demo today!

Recruitment Management System Software Australia and New Zealand

Recruitment management system that will help you automate candidate data capture, streamline your recruitment process and provide a better hiring experience. Start your free trial today!

Onboarding Management System

Sentrient's Onboarding management system will help you reduce paperwork, organise employee information and improve the employee onboarding experience. Get your FREE trial today!

Employee Management System by Sentrient

Employee management system that will simplify human resource management, improve communication and provide a one-stop shop for HR information and organisational news announcements. Start your free trial today!

Employee Expense Claim Policy Template

This expense claim policy template states company guidelines to support claim and reimbursement of expenses incurred while carrying out approved business activities by employees, contractors, and volunteers.

Employee Health and Wellbeing Policy Template

This health and well-being policy template defines the adherence of your company to promote healthy behaviour, good practice workplaces, and in doing so, providing our employees with a supportive and positive workplace.