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Updated by Patriarch Construction Inc. on Apr 26, 2020
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concrete driveway

If you’re considering a new concrete driveway and would like a particular pattern or design, then our pattern imprinted concrete is the perfect solution. You’ll never have to worry about weeding between the gaps as there are no gaps! Even the most intricate block or crazy paving will never beat the seamless concrete finish our pattern imprinted driveways create.

How much does it cost for a concrete driveway?

There are a whole host of attractive finishes you can have for your brand new concrete driveway in Calgary. Your initial reaction to the suggestion of a concrete driveway maybe ‘I’d much rather have block paving or beautiful patterns’ – well you can! With our superior volumetric concrete services we have teamed up with Cornerstone Paving in Alberta to provide each of our customers with an attractive driveway that will be the talk of the street.

What is the cheapest material for a driveway?

Exposed Aggregate Concrete contractor Patriarch Construction of Calgary has been specializing in concrete Calgary for 4 generations. Exposed Aggregate is achieved using a special mix design. contact us today for a free quote.

How long does Cement driveway last?

So when the actual martial is stylish and modifications can be achieved onto it and durable you don't have to locate alternate options. If you have budget and searching to decorate your home correctly you must choose concrete driveway without hesitating too much. Patriarch has been specializing in concrete Calgary for 4 generations.

Things you should know about decorative concrete

Decorative concrete Calgary can encompass many different looks and techniques. It can include simple coloring techniques such as acid stains, acrylic stains, concrete dyes, and integral colors (also called integrated colors; mixed into the concrete before it is poured).

Renowned Calgary Concrete

We do not repair concrete this way. To do it right, you need to get to the heart of the issue. We cut out damaged sections and pour new ones, matching and levelling them with the existing concrete. That is the best way to perform a concrete crack repair.

What Is Exposed Concrete?

What is “exposed” in Exposed Aggregate Concrete is the aggregate (rocks, stones, or pebbles). Thus, it is also referred to as exposed aggregate concrete. It is a decorative concrete surface that is very durable and skid-resistant. Exposed concrete is often used for driveways, pool decks, and sidewalks, as well as patios.

Professional Concrete Contractor

We say this because it has been family-owned over four (4) generations, spanning more than a few decades. Representing the current fourth generation is the 15-years veteran, Leonardo Aiello.
With this level of experience and tradition, you can be sure of one thing: We know Calgary Concrete Projects. Aside from a few innovations, we’ve been trained in techniques that are proven and tested. But being good at what we do involves more than just creating forms and pouring cement.

What Do Concrete Contractors Do?

Patios, sunrooms, or any exterior rooms can always benefit from concrete resurfacing, overlay options, or coatings. Items such as Sundeck spray texture can resurface any area with a concrete coating. The coating can be just the classic effect or it can include the aggregate effect, score line effect, or even the masonry effect. The color palette includes Cumberland, terra cotta, coral, bone white, pewter gray, brandy wine, smoke gray, brick red, tweed gray, Mojave desert, slate blue, Franciscan tan, sable, mission tan, oyster white, as well as Peking blue.

The Best Managed Company In Calgary

We have been supplying concrete throughout the Construction Companies Calgary Hampshire area for many years for residential projects such as conservatory bases and driveways, as well as commercial developments like motorway signage and traffic light bases. So you know you’re in safe hands with our dedicated, friendly and experienced team.

  • Impeccably poured, cleanly sealed and always shaped with meticulous care, Patriarch Construction is a family run business headed by passionate 15 year veteran Leonardo Aiello. Whether you’re worried about the curve of your sidewalk or the corners of your cement driveway, Patriarch Construction believes in finely laid out concrete finished to traditional family ideals, and surpassing your standards by bringing value to the communities of Calgary, Alberta.

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