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Automation Testing Services

Automation Testing Services is a time saving that translates directly into cost savings.

Browser Automation Using Selenium Automation Tools

In Web Browser Automation, tools navigate a web browser similar to the way a normal user navigates to different pages, captures data, and interacts with the page elements. Its uses cases include Manual test automation on a web app, repetitive task automation such as scrapping information from websites, filling HTML forms, carrying out administrative jobs, and a lot more. Read the full article to know about the most popular web browser automation tool-Selenium and learn how it controls the browser.

Leading Methodologies Used by a Penetration Tester by Claire Mackerras

The figures of cyber-attacks have increased extensively from the last decade. Due to the increased number of cyber-attacks in mind, the corporate sectors have started paying attention to the security testing of its software applications and products. Penetration testing assists in fixing numerous security bugs and loopholes in software. Read the full article to know about the methodologies and tools for penetration testing.

How Agile Model Works in Software Testing?

The agile model not only works on the speedy delivery of software products but also coherently focuses on the process adaptability and customer satisfaction. This concept had begun early, and it gained popularity among software testers because of its incredible flexibility and adaptability.
Wanna find more? Check this- How Agile Model Works in Software Testing?

The cloud testing process includes the verification of applications with data business workflows, compliance, application security, performance, scalability, and compatibility to develop robust applications. By reading the blog, you will know about things that you need to keep in mind when it comes to cloud testing.

Industry 4.0 impact on Quality Management

The technology is playing a great role in shaping industries and businesses. Quality 4.0 is the digitalization of quality, compliance, and management systems. It improves the quality standards of production processes as well as products. Want to know more about the quality 4.0?
Read industry 4.0 quality and its benefits.

IoT has made it possible for humans to have access to every device around them by simply connecting them to one another. IoT testing is done to test the devices, connected with one another in order to make an IoT application. Every device must have faster services such as sharing of data, creation of data, and so on to have great control over different IoT devices. In order to ensure these devices work at their best, IoT testing is a must! To know about the essential elements in IoT testing, read the full article.

What Role Does Predictive Analytics Play In Software Testing?

Quality assurance plays a key role in delivering strong solutions, which help in dealing with the customer base. Predictive analytics in QA can predict possible future failures keeping in view the past data. It can help in streamlining the process and smoothly perform software testing. Want to know the role of predictive analytics in QA? Read the blog.

Ten Steps to Enhance IoT Security - DATAVERSITY

Check out the interesting post about the Internet of Things (IoT) and the future of IoT testing and steps to enhance IoT security.

Role of Shift Left Testing Towards Better Software Quality

The software development industry has gone through various business problems like delayed product delivery on the customer’s end, higher software development costs, unexpected quality results, incomplete testing process, and so on. Shift left testing is the one solution to all these problems. Shift left in testing is the plan to upgrade the quality.
The main activity that should be approached and implemented for shift left testing is applying the best testing practices at the development phase.
Read the full article about shift left software testing.

Testing of EDI Based Applications

EDI Standards were built to fix a comprehensive and repeatable set of structured data placeholders. The main reason to formulate EDI standards was to assist companies to avoid spending precious time and means setting the layouts of standard business reports.
EDI Testing is done to ensure that there are no technical intricacies in vendor operations which will later on influence the working and quality of the software application.

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