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Scientity Design Innovation

Scientity is an independent design consultancy that helps launch and relaunch businesses and products, powered by great design and content.

In Pursuit of a Great Pitch: Why You Need A Well Designed Pitch Deck? | Scientity

Great Ideas come too often, yet selling them successfully is the toughest cookie to crack. And this has happened time and again with entrepreneurs who go to great lengths to show how a new business plan or a creative concept is practical and high margin—only to be shot-down by decision makers who don’t truly understand the real value of the Idea.

Making Pitch Decks Great Again! | Scientity

We’ve worked extensively on pitch decks for many organizations, helping them raise funding from seed capital to large VC Rounds.

Sales Success: Why Your Sales Decks Aren’t Helping You Sell Better? | Scientity

Many people get sales decks wrong, really wrong. Right from the story, to the focus, the design, to the way they look.

Is your Internal Communications Strategy translating to better business? | Scientity

Internal Communication is often an overlooked aspect of most organizations, delivered using the cliched e-mailers or spoken about at annual business updates

Decks for Impactful Communication Within The Organization | Scientity

Internal communication is all about how a brand is marketed to its internal customers, vis-a-vis, the employees

Building the case for cold chain technology to prevent Food Wastage - A Design led Case Study | Scientity

Carrier Transicold, a United Technologies Climate, Controls & Security company, provides transport refrigeration solutions

Infographic as the new Elevator Pitch | Scientity

Raising money has always been an uphill task. Not only do you need to have an amazing product or service, you need a great team, traction in the business,

Presentation Tips: Turn Boring Data Into Awesome Infographic | Scientity

Infographics achieve this goal beautifully. Infographic is the cornerstone of presentations,

Behind Every Successful Man There Is A Pitch | Scientity

Every great pitch has an awesome story at its core. This is probably the most important thing for a brand to get right,

Awesome Pitch Decks: 9 Must Have Slides That Can Take Your Pitch To The Next Level

9 most important slides in the order which has worked for our pitch decks with their actual designs that went into creating these decks.

How Design Impacts Businesses And Customer’s Decision-making Process? | Scientity

So if you have been second-guessing the power of design and its impact on your business. Simply – Don’t.

Brand or Product Relaunch: The good, the bad and the ugly | Scientity

Many organizations in the world have undergone brand relaunch and done wonders. Maybe it’s time you take a deeper look at relaunching your brand.

Dummies Guide To A Successful Brand Relaunch | Scientity Blog

The possibility of a brand relaunch is enticing to all businesses and entrepreneurs alike.

The Perfect Pitch: How to craft a killer Elevator Pitch | Scientity

Elevator Pitches have many applications: First and foremost, to share your ideas with people, say, friends and family, who need not be told of the details,

4 Points To Consider While Naming Your Brand | Scientity

Every brand has a story. Naming the brand right is an exercise that needs thinking, time, patience, and brainstorming.

Acquire Customers Faster: Content marketing strategies for the digital-first business world

Whether you are a small business or a large organization, you need to acquire new customers and fast. In a digital-first world, find out how in this article

Different Situations, Different Audiences - Why use the same pitch deck?

Businesses today can’t survive without pitch decks. With dwindling attention spans, you need a presentation that keeps the audience engaged.

Good design is good for business. | Scientity

Good design does pay huge returns on Investments and enables exponential business growth. Data prooves it! Apple knows it & so does Airbnb & Netflix!

How To Write A Brand Story That Customers Love And Appreciate | Scientity

Nike, Apple or FUBU have done well because all their products have a great brand story that consumers love. Here’s how to create one for your brand