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6 Ways to Create Depth in Your Landscape Painting Becoming a better artist

Have you ever looked at a painting and felt like you could walk right into it? The depth of certain paintings is amazing and it's no magic. Here's how you can build depth in landscape paintings.


Layering and overlapping

When you use the layering and overlapping effect on a painting, the contrast between the two objects become prominent. This creates contrast and helps to separate the objects from each other. This technique adds depth to a painting.


Winding paths

Winding paths and winding rivers that curves into an 'S' through the painting can be used to add depth.


Horizon lines

The horizon line is where the sea or land meets the sky. The position of the horizon line can impact the focus of a landscape painting. If the horizon line is painted too low or too high, it affects the overall impact of the painting. It's important to have enough space above and below the horizon line.


Aerial view

A mountain range will appear lighter, mistier and bluer as it moves further away. This is called an 'aerial perspective'. It is a visual effect that makes the object look as if it's within a long distance.


Detail and texture

Objects have more details when they become closer and fewer details when they recede. Thick paint usually brings forward objects while thin paint usually withdraws.


Size of objects

The size of the objects in the painting is also very important. When a tree that recedes is bigger than one that is closer, it will make the picture look flat. The objects in the forefront need to be taller than the ones that are in the back to add depth to a picture.



The details in the foreground need to be prominent while it must fade to become simplified in the background. If you focus on drawing single leaves on a tree that is a mile away, it will advance into the foreground and make the picture look flat.


Artists in Sri Lanka

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