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Updated by Joanna James on Sep 05, 2019
Headline for 5 best non-touristy things to do in Ubud - A glimpse into the local lifestyle!
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5 best non-touristy things to do in Ubud - A glimpse into the local lifestyle!

Ubud may be a tourist hotspot with a multitude of touristy things to do. But that doesn't always mean you have to indulge only in them, you can take a break and experience some of the local lifestyles which can also be very enjoyable. Here's a list of somethings you can try to do, that isn't too touristy.


1)Spending time with hosts

This primarily depends on the type of accommodation that you choose, which can affect what kind of experience you have in Bali. If you choose to stay in an establishment run by a local family, you will be able to experience the day to day lifestyle and the culture of the Balinese, which is something money can't buy. There are many celebrations and ceremonies you can be a part of, also you can even experience a local fight. Cockfights are something common here but illegal.


2) Eating with your hand in warung

There are many things to do in Ubud, Bali. When it comes to food choices in Ubud, it is quite endless, where cafes and restaurants showcase local and international cuisines. Having said that, there's nothing that beats an authentic food experience. For this, you need to head to a warung, which are small establishments that are run by local families. The warung generally specialises and serves the best possible bakso, a local dish, that you can have. This is a broth of noodles and meatballs. You can also try the nasi lawar which is a rice that is prepared with spices, coconuts and jackfruit. Nasi campur, on the other hand, is rice prepared with vegetables, eggs, tempeh and chicken.


3)Penestanan village

This village can be easily located in the north-western part of Ubud. You can reach this place by walking for about 15 mins from the town centre. The place is filled with cafes, galleries, shops and street art. You can even get a rejuvenating massage or hike through rice fields. There is so much to do out here so make sure to set aside ample time to properly explore. Besides, if you're looking for accommodation you can check out properties like Chapung Sebali, which is only a 14-minute drive away from this village.


4) Flying kites

You must be at aware that the kite season here starts from the month of May and lasts up to September. This means you will be able to meet many groups of men, boys and children trying to fly gigantic kites that are magnificent upon the blue sky. You can learn about kite flying during these months.


5)Making batik

Batik is a type of decorating cloth or textile that is a popular traditional art of Indonesia. When in Ubud, you can decorate your own with the use of liquids, dyes and unique techniques. There are many workshops you can visit in order to draw and design your very own shirt. Imagine having a piece of clothing that was made by you? Wouldn't that be the best souvenir you can have?

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