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Independent Toddler Childcare

Independent Toddler Childcare is focused in providing quality child care programs that ensure the safety, development, and values-creation of children in their most critical years.

Treating Your Child’s Fever at Home

As a parent, you can’t help but worry about your child, especially if they are burning up with fever. Seeing your child look weak and shivering in bed is enough to break your heart! Having a fever can mean that your child’s body is fighting off bacterial infection and viruses that can cause health issues. There are home remedies that you can apply to treat it.

Professional Nanny VS Babysitter

Nowadays, it’s not easy to find a good nanny or babysitter. You have to consider a lot of things like their experience, schedule, and character. When hiring a professional nanny, you need to choose someone with a strong background and excellent working experience. To find out if they have all of those, you must contact their previous employers and gather feedback.

Helping Toddlers Adjust to a Daycare Center

The transition from home to Daycare in New York can cause anxiety to many toddlers. Venturing into a new environment can be a nerve-wracking experience for them. As parents, you want the transition to be as smooth as possible. The following are useful tips to help your little ones adjust to a Childcare Center in New York, New York.

Keeping Your Children Healthy During Childcare

For many parents, Early Childhood Education is a crucial step to kickstart the youngsters’ overall development. Childcare providers can also help look after the children when parents are working. Finding the best Childcare Center in New York, New York is a priority. But so is your little learners’ health in that environment. Here are top tips to keep them healthy when they are in childcare.

Encouraging Your Youngsters to Read

Reading is an essential component of Early Childhood Education. It is also a vital life skill. Encouraging your youngsters to read early on will help them reap the rewards in the future. To inspire your children to read, consider these ways

How to Ensure a Good Night’s Sleep for Your Children

Whether they are attending Daycare in New York or not, getting enough sleep the night before is crucial for your children’s total development. Sleep allows their bodies to rest, heal, and grow. Youngsters will also have more focus and energy the next morning if they sleep well.

Importance of Play in Child’s Early Development

Play plays a significant role in Early Childhood Education. It promotes the development of skills a child has, especially those yet to be discovered. Many centers of Daycare in New York offer playschool services that improve cognitive, social, physical, and other skills essential for overall progress. These are needed to build a strong foundation of learning and discipline in children. It also encourages teamwork and exploration.

Tips on Choosing a Reliable Preschool

It’s not easy to entrust your children to others – many factors scare us to do so. But if we don’t, then when can our tots start an Early Childhood Education? When can you say you’re ready?

Reasons for Getting Your Child to Walk

Walking is a mode of transportation. When you walk, you get from point A to point B. Plus, walking can also become a great head start for your child’s Early Childhood Education.

Benefits of Developing Emotional Intelligence

Children are very impressionable. Running a Daycare in New York has given us confirmation that it is advisable to have developed their emotional intelligence properly at an early age. When children socialize with others, they become aware of emotions and feelings, which ultimately inform their own. It is, therefore, necessary to include emotional intelligence development in Early Childhood Education.

Encouraging Toddlers to Develop Healthy Eating Habits

Eating healthy is necessary for your child, as it may help them with their development and may give them plenty of energy throughout the day, especially if they’re already going to a daycare in New York. However, getting them to eat vegetables can be quite a chore since they may not like them and may prefer other foods.

How to Prepare Your Children for School for Early Education

So, your children are at that particular age where they will be joining a learning group for the first time. This first step will most probably be a daycare in New York. For sure, this is an exciting next step. So how should you get your children ready?

Helpful Tips to Make Your Toddler Communicate Easier

Effective communication is essential in the growth and development of children. If they can freely express their thoughts, it’ll be easier for them to open up and socialize with others. It’ll also be easier for them to adjust when they go into a childcare center in New York, New York.

Effective Strategies in Raising Strong-Willed Toddlers

Dealing with strong-willed toddlers is never easy. If you’re not careful, every interaction will turn into a power struggle, thus putting a rift between your parent-child relationship. However, if these children are raised appropriately and are introduced to essential early childhood education topics,

Effective Parenting to Different Personality Types

This may be a stressful stage. However, parents aren’t as helpless as they sometimes feel. The first thing they should do is to figure out their toddler’s personality and temperament. Thus, Independent Toddler Childcare, a Childcare Center in New York, New York, lists these 3 toddler personality types.

Why Build Up Your Child’s A.Q.?

Suffering a few setbacks, even inside a Daycare in New York, while our children are growing up is actually a very healthy experience for them. Yes, you heard it right!

Arts & Crafts and How They Help Your Child

Growing children develop in more ways than just the physical. They also develop emotions, intelligence, creativity, and social skills, among others. One growth area that we focus on at Independent Toddler Childcare is creativity because it is an essential part of children’s problem-solving skills.

Nurturing Curiosity in Children

Children are naturally curious. They absorb information as much as they can to help them figure out how things work. That is why, as parents, we need to help them get the right information during their Early Childhood Education years.

Ways to Encourage Your Child to Follow Directions

Children become less inclined to follow instructions as they age and start their early childhood education. While it’s a good thing that they’re already learning how to be independent, it’s still important for them to know when to listen, especially now with the pandemic sweeping across countries. If they don’t know how to follow safety precautions and instructions, they put themselves at risk of getting infected.

Best Ways to Keep Your Child Safe This Summer

Summer is a favorite season for many people, especially children. The longer days and the beautiful weather just make outdoor activities all the more enticing. But despite how fun the summer season can be, it also carries its dangers.

How to Help Develop Your Child's Language

Children can learn a lot from their parents. Thus, as parents, you should not leave everything to the teachers at a childcare center in New York, New York. You should also do your part in helping with your child’s language development by promoting better grammar and larger vocabularies. Here are simple tips to let you do that:

Practical Ways to Save on Daycare Costs

Raising a child can be very expensive. Thus, you should do your best to save on expenses as much as you can without compromising the child’s quality of life. With this principle in mind, consider ways on how you can save on costs when it is time for your child to go to a childcare center in New York, New York.

Reasons Why Children Need Physical Activity

Children are in their prime age to start living a healthy lifestyle with regular physical activities in their routine. Independent Toddler Childcare values the need for children to be physically active as it helps them in their learning journey as well. We make sure to include physical activities when they are at our Childcare Center in New York, New York.

How Music Affects Your Child's Development

Music greatly affects us in many ways, but for children, music is a game-changer in their early childhood development. Independent Toddler Childcare uses music to help children in their learning journey in growing up. With that, our Childcare Center in New York, New York plays songs for children to dance and nursery rhymes to learn.

Teach Your Child to Save Money

Some families believe that money is something that can only be discussed by adults. However, teaching a child how to manage finances is also a good thing, according to early childhood education experts. It enables them to value it and leave less room for spending mistakes when they grow up.