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Updated by Shubham Agarwal on Oct 16, 2019
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Website & Mobile Apps

Building a business website and Mobile Apps is no rocket science today, and it doesn’t even cost you all that much! In fact, today you do not even need to know any programming or coding to build your own website and Mobile application.

Grow Small Business by Website

Having your own website or getting your store online removes all time restrictions for your store and becomes one of the most effective ways to promote your brand for free.

AI & Voice Wars between Siri Vs Google Vs Alexa

The rise of virtual assistants was lightning fast and there are no foreseeable signs of this slowing down anytime soon.

Mobile App Testing with Top Device Clouds

Testing versatile applications is both a torment to do and a critical need when you are intending to discharge an application that you need to prevail with regards to helping your business.

9 Ways to Drive Traffic from Facebook to Your App • Appy Pie

In the light of recent events where social media is under scrutiny in context of data security and the implications of using even the leading forum, it is only natural that you, as a small or medium business owner, have been concerned about your own data and the data of your customers being at a potential risk.

Top 10 Office Management Software for Better Logistics & Productivity

An office manager is responsible for probably every possible thing that happens in the office from organizing or chairing different meetings, monitoring office expenditure, training the new employees, devising & executing administrative processes and a whole lot more

Top 10 Tips to Avoid Your App From Being Rejected by Apple App Store

So, you have built an awesome app for iPhone! However, it is not the end of the journey you took up so enthusiastically! The last hurdle and probably one of the scariest one, is to submit your app to the Apple App Store and to get it published.

The Annual Apple Event Leaves the Hopefuls Dissatisfied

When it is WWDC we are talking about, we are waiting to drop our jaws and hoping to see some great turn of events that will bring us abundant new talking points and kickstart a new phase in the evolution of the technological ecosystem.

Small business owners should know about these things before building there own website

Business need a website to show off their business in this digital world. A good website gives the strong customer traffic and a good ranking by google.

The future of Wearable Apps

The bling of the tech enthusiasts – the wearable are now getting their due attention as progress is being made in the wearable app technology. We are aware of the most evident uses of the technology like taking pictures with voice commands, tracking your daily calorie expenditure, or receiving inbound messages

Mobile App Security Threats & Best Practices for Developers • Appy Pie

The digital revolution that has taken over the world and is holding on to it, comes with its share of weaknesses and in the recent times we have been held for ransom by major security breaches & threats.

Top Tips to Improve Your User Acquisition Strategy • Appy Pie

The huge players in the realm of versatile application advancement have profound pockets and may be prepared to go through millions per day to get new clients. In any case, not every person has profound pockets, particularly a free engineer may just have constrained time and cash to contribute, and you may battle hard to keep everything ready for action.

Sell App earn Money!

In this there are many different ways to earn money through your best skill. Application development is one of those. If you are good at creating an Mobile Application so to learn how to sell it in market and make money out of it is necessary.

Outsourcing Mobile App Development & Mistakes to Avoid

Mobile app development has the potential to transform business operations while making sure that the audience and the target users are well engaged and can easily interact with the brand and the products.

20 Tips to Design Great UI for Your Mobile App

The use of phones has become a natural habit and behavior of the global citizen today and most of the people are using their phones in some of the most crucial moments for critical and casual use.

All you need to know to make best Education App

Mobile apps that had relevance only in the field of entertainment, gaming, and keeping life organized have begun panning out in other fields, especially the field of education and is emerging today as one of the most promising areas of app development

Machine Application in our daily life

There is a certain amount of excitement and quite a lot of buzz that is being created about artificial intelligence and machine learning where people have been talking quite enthusiastically about cars that would drive themselves through a zig zag of traffic, instant machine translations and more.

How to Grow Your Business with Small Budget

Regardless of whether you will make a successful jump towards excellence or not, developing your business while proceeding to offer excellent customers support can feel like an complex exercise.