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A SpaceX satellite forces ESA satellites to make evasive maneuvers | Revyuh

In space, more and more space junk is accumulating. Consequently, it is becoming increasingly common for a satellite to fly an evasive maneuver like SpaceX.

Skybot F-850, the Russian humanoid robot on the ISS

Designed by the Russian space agency, the automation analyzed the environment of a new version of Soyuz that will bring astronauts to the ISS. A new version of the Soyuz vehicle that successfully approached the International Space Station today (after an unsuccessful attempt on Saturday) carried a humanoid robot on

There is no gene responsible for homosexuality - Scientists

Genetic analysis of the data of half a million people led to the conclusion that there is no single gene responsible for homosexuality, writes the BBC. In a study whose results were published in the journal Science, data from the Biobank of Great Britain and the American biotechnology company 23andMe were studied.

Biodiesel was born to reduce CO2 emissions but It is doing exactly the opposite

Biodiesel and other fossil fuels such as liquefied petroleum gas are born with a single objective: that we pollute less. But what if the commercial transactions involved in the production of this fuel were harming the planet instead of improving it?

The results of the Galaxy Zoo project force us to revise the theory of the formation of spiral arms of galaxies

In 1924, Edwin Hubble finally proved that there are other galaxies in the Universe besides our Milky Way. In 1926, he published the first version of the classification of galaxies according to their appearance and structure.

US impose sanctions on Iran's space program | Revyuh

The US accuses the Islamic Republic of developing in the civil missile program techniques that could serve military purposes.

In this simple way, Google can play with your mind, the way Cambridge Analytica did

From Cambridge Analytica we know to what extent we can be manipulated through social networks or search engines. But what about Google? Let's see how

Acupuncture and endorphins reduced craving for alcohol in rats

The physical dependence on alcohol in rats can be weakened by introducing an acupuncture needle at a specific point on the forelimb.

Number of deaths following e-cigarette use in the US is rising – investigators are finding new track

The number of deaths following the use of e-cigarettes has risen to five in the US. 450 illnesses were reported in 33 states. The US investigators warn all users against the use of e-cigarettes. In Europe, no increase in mysterious diseases has been detected so far.

India lost contact with the apparatus of the Chandrayan-2 mission while landing on the moon

ISRO Chandrayan-2 mission is India’s first attempt to land the spacecraft on the lunar surface but just at the last stage of the moon landing deviated from the optimal trajectory and stopped transmitting telemetry.

ios engine made for high-precision maneuvering of small satellites

In China, engineers created a "pocket size" ion engine that is capable of providing efficient high-precision maneuvering of small satellites.

What determines the Coriolis force and from which strength a storm becomes a hurricane: the most important answers to...

Hurricane Dorian hit the Bahamas at wind speeds of up to 295 kilometers per hour. What is a hurricane - and what sets it apart from other hurricanes? The answers to the most pressing questions.

Planet K2-18b is a steam-fogged super-earth – and potentially habitable

Astronomers have tracked down the atmosphere of a distant super-Earth. The chemical composition could indicate life-friendly environmental conditions.

WHO: Five deaths every day due to wrong medical treatment | Revyuh

Millions of people in the world suffer health damage from medical errors every year. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), five people die each minute from mistreatment.

These AI Agents independently learned to play hide and seek

OpenAI developers have created AI agents who have independently learned various hide and seek strategies. The learning environment is a flat virtual training ground on which the agents themselves are located.

Ripples of an ancient star helped limit the change in the gravitational constant

Astronomers managed to impose restrictions on the change in the gravitational constant over billions of years of the existence of the universe. To do this,

Asteroid dust may have plunged Earth into an ice age millions of years ago

When an asteroid in our solar system collapsed by a collision, the dust also reached the earth. The slow cooling at that time created many new species.

The activity of galactic nucleus has increased over several months

There is an extensive classification of galaxies, including galaxies with active galactic nucleus (AGNs), which are visible due to the powerful radiation of the central region, and not because of the stellar population.

Elon Musk introduced a prototype of the reusable Starship spaceship

Elon Musk introduced a prototype of the reusable Starship spaceship, which can transport people and cargo to the moon or Mars.