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Business and Asset Protection Planning Law Firm

Heller Espenkotter is a top leading estate, business and asset protection planning law firm .Our law firm at Heller Espenkotter dedicated to offering combine the extensive experience that they have accumulated while practicing at major South Florida law firms with the personal service, special attention and flexibility that is possible only in a boutique firm setting.


How To Protect Your Legacy with Estate Tax Planning

Creating a will may be the last thing on your mind, but in terms of protecting your assets and legacy, it might be a great idea to reconsider. A will or last testament is a document that explains how assets will be divided amongst beneficiaries and or family members in the event of the creator’s passing.

Top Questions to Ask When Choosing A Lawyer for Your Living Trust

A Living Trust is a document explaining how assets will be divided in the event of a death, however, it will take effect during the person’s lifetime, while Wills are initiated in the event of death. Living Trusts are more effective than wills because they do not go through probate courts.

Why 21st Century Couples Should Consider A Prenuptial Agreement

A prenuptial agreement is a document in which both couples write down their assets and properties, and decide what they are entitled to if they were to get divorced. This procedure is recommended by many legal experts today. Though there was a point in time where divorce was a very taboo topic, it is now a convenient solution to a cold and dysfunctional relationship.

Most Important Steps In Trust Administration Process

There is a point in a person’s life where they have to plan for the future of their assets and property after their death. This may not be the most pleasant process but it's necessary especially because of the many ramifications that can come about due to poor planning. Lawyers highly recommend the creation of a will or trust in order to ensure that the future of the grantor’s assets and property are properly transferred to the beneficiaries of his or her choosing.

Top Reasons To Seek Legal Attorney's for Business Transactions

Attorneys are the backbone of many large and small businesses. Without their guidance, many companies would be operating in a disorderly manner, potentially harming their revenue and reputation as a whole. Attorneys are well equipped in many areas and will do the utmost in ensuring that you will retain much success and prosperity for the now and in the foreseeable future.

The Most Important Job Of Trust and Estate Planning Attorneys

If your assets are vital and require extensive amounts of protection, you may want to consider implementing an irrevocable trust when working with trust and estate planning attorneys. The person granting the trust has free reign of control in many situations.

The 2019 Asset Protection Essentials

A legal asset protection plan can do wonders if it’s left in the hands of a seasoned attorney who knows what they’re doing. The attorney can use this as leverage as a means of convincing the creditor to settle out of court. The creditor can do their best to seep through this plan, and even going as far as to demand a lengthy and costly trial.

A Brief Guide To Property Protection Trust Wills

One of the main advantages of having a property protection trust will is that in the event that you need to alter your specifications for the property or shares, you are guaranteed protection regardless of the circumstances. Examples could include if you get remarried, declare bankruptcy, go through the process of retaining long term care, etc.