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Five Wonderful Things To Do in Maldives

The MaIdives is not only sea and sandy beaches. It would be marvelous to experience Maldives through the eyes of a local. You can do that while exploring busy Male city or while discovering the serene natural beauty of the Maldives. It will make your holiday in Maldives truly unforgettable. Listed below are five things that you can include in your Maldives tour experience.


Taste Maldivian delicacies

Tasting unfamiliar food is an amazing experience. In Maldives you can indulge in many such sweet surprises. Dhandi aluvi Boakibaa (cassava cake) is a delicious sweet made of cassava and coconut. Another much-loved sweet treat, Huni Folhi are coconut pancakes served hot or cold. Simple banana fritters are served with vanilla ice cream scoop or whipped cream.  GeKiru boakiba is a condensed milk cake and Gulabis a spongy milky balls soaked in rose scented syrup... Just irresistible!


Go to Hulumale Park

Hulumale is a great place if you like to experience local culture and traditions. There, you can do some interesting things like dining with a local family, sampling local food and learning how local island people live. Hulumale Central Park is a nice place worth visiting. At the end of the afternoon, locals are gathering for a workout in the open-air gym, or to play football or go skate boarding or jogging. If you visit Hulumale, you will go home with a good knowledge about traditions and culture of Maldives.


Visit Villimale

The ferry journey to Villimale is short, not more than 15 minutes, and during the journey, you will get a chance to chat with locals who are kind and interested to know about you and your country. The island, once a resort and also a prison, was developed to assist with the growing population of Male. It offers the ideal escape from the busy capital city. Wide, open streets, rich greenery so unlike Male, two local beaches and peaceful atmosphere will give you a different experiance.


Visiting Sultan Park

Another good place for relaxation. It's also a place where concerts and some other interesting programs happen. Surrounded by enchanting greenery, it's an ideal place for long walks. This is a nice park located within the city, previously known as Rasranee Bageecha. The park is neat and well-maintained but you have to pay an entry fee. You can visit the park during morning but a night visit would be more interesting with splendid lights taking effect.


Visiting Old Friday Mosque

This small gem is located in Male city, close to the presidential palace. Although it is in the center, it is a very peaceful place which has the ability to make your mind instantly calm. Made from Coral Stone, its architecture is unusual with nice wooden ceilings and carving in wood. Tourists are allowed to visit the interior of the mosque excluding prayer times. This Mosque was added in the UNESCO World Heritage Culture list in 2008 as a unique example of sea culture architecture.