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Updated by Josh Nicholson on Jan 28, 2021
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Best Project Management Softwares

We have collected 22+ best project management tools that works for multiple industries and niches. It makes work easier for project managers.




nTask is a new, yet most versatile project management software available freely in the market. It’s an all-in-one tool that comes packed with the most intelligent features providing a smart over-all coverage to all your project needs.

Through native modules, nTask mitigates the need to constantly switch applications for effective project management. The tool also ensures an intuitive and smooth experience on the application via a smartly developed user interface.

Whether you’re a freelancer, part of a small team, member of a big corporation, or simply a blogger with lots of tasks at hand, the tool caters a diverse range of professionals.




From the big picture to minute details you can track and monitor almost everything with Trello. Not a single project or even a detail will be left behind because you’ll receive constant status updates for every project.

Whether your goal is to manage a big team, write an epic screenplay, or just write down your grocery list, you can use Trello to take all your burdens away. You can assign the list to anyone else. Or you can set reminders for yourself. Managing employees with ease.




Paymo unites task management with project planning, scheduling, time-tracking, invoicing, and resource management, all under the same roof.


If your projects are centered towards software development, Backlog is one of the smart choices you can make. Even if you don’t have software-focused approach, it doesn’t disappoint at all. As your work ebb and flow, you would find Backlog to be pretty useful, especially when it comes to tracking your project performance over time. The tool does so through multiple means, Gantt and Burn-down charts being one of them. As compared to simple version control features, Backlog is constantly updated to meet modern day project management requirements.


Bitrix24 is your all-in-one social enterprise collaboration platform. It offers comprehensive task and project management which is layered on top of a:

  • Social communications module for team chat and collaboration,
  • Built-in CRM for businesses to manage the entire customer lifecycle,
  • A contact center to manage support and inquiries, and
  • Websites manager to manage all company assets on the web Built to address all possible collaboration needs in a single solution, Bitrix24 makes it to the 9th spot in my roundup of the best project management software.



One of the most comprehensive and powerful project management software out there. Jira recently went through a major overhaul in terms of design and user interface and gee, it looks nice. If you strictly exercise Agile and Scrum methodologies in your workplace and don’t mind the learning curve, Jira is exactly your kind of tool.


ClickUp is very handy when it comes to getting things done. The design isn’t as intuitive as you would want it to be, perhaps because they are trying too hard on incorporating too many features and customer requests. However, ClickUp does provide all major task management essentials under one roof and you can run your startup or medium sized team on it with complete ease.

Zoho Projects

With Zoho Projects, you get a beautiful project Gantt view to plan and prioritize all your tasks. There’s also a GitHub integration that comes with Zoho Projects so you can keep track of all bugs and issues. And that’s not all, there are many more integrations available.




Wrike is a comprehensive and feature-rich project management tool that opens up more and more possibilities for you as you dig in further and this has a lot to do with its support for customizations.

Wrike is built for professionals and if you’re not very familiar with the project management methodologies and techniques, it might take you a little extra time to get hold of Wrike.

It is one of those tools that grows on you as you continue to use it for a few days. All in all, Wrike is a decent choice for medium to large organizations.


A very well-thought-out project management and team collaboration software. Basecamp uses their own terminology such as “Campfire” for team chat and tasks as “to-dos” which is quite different from what I’ve seen in other tools. Overall a very friendly tool with a hierarchy that goes from creating a headquarters which is basically your workspace, and then teams and projects in that order.

Hubstaff Tasks

Hubstaff Tasks is an Agile project management solution that’s built to increase team productivity by improving collaboration and streamlining task management. Hubstaff Tasks helps teams focus on important tasks and maintain a steady flow of work.

The Agile features that Hubstaff Tasks comes with make it an ideal tool for teams who prefer a quick and continuous approach to accomplishing work. One of Hubstaff Tasks’ main features is its focused sprints, which keeps teams in sync with each other and helps them work better.


You get task management, workload visualization, comments, attachments and task dependencies. Then there is decent hierarchy, with subtasks, child tasks, milestones, child milestones and more. Lastly, you get a comprehensive visualization for every aspect of your project on a simple but beautiful Gantt chart.




Asana lies somewhere in between task management and project management software and will work great for you if you do not have a lot of complex needs such as Gantt charts, risk & issue tracking, comprehensive resource management, budgeting, etc. In a nutshell, I do recommend Asana for non-software projects.




If you’re looking for a project management tool that has enough bells and whistles to make your experience worthwhile both in terms of ease of use and cost, Flow is what you need.

With interactive timelines and Kanban boards, Flow is ideal for startups as well as medium-sized businesses. I’m very impressed with the clean, colorful yet simplistic design that doesn’t make you feel bored at all.

Teamwork Projects

Teamwork Projects is easy-to-use team management and project management solution designed for managers, small businesses, and large corporations to plan, organize, and get things done on time. A web-based team management software for that acts as a bridge between companies and clients.




How about a project management tool that can allow you to make changes in real-time? Yes. With Scoro, you can update the task from home and your employees can view it in the office. You can even update the client regarding the new feature that was added in the last minute.

No more clicking back-and-forth to check the status of every project. Scoro gives you the ability to track details of every project from a single page. Easy management of every project and keeping an eye on each deadline makes Scoro one of the best project management software in the market.


From idea to impact, you can now schedule, organize, and manage all your projects with your team effectively. Effortless integration with your favorite apps will make you fall in love with Smartsheet.

It is time to abort the traditional manual management of all your finances. With Smartsheet you can digitize all your tasks online. A UCSF-supported online task management tool that can save your time and energy by intuitive project management.

Meister Task

Like Trello, but more visual, robust and beautifully designed. Meister Task is a Kanban-based task management software. It might come as a strong statement but having seen Meister Task’s user interface, everything else looks dull.

Even though Meister Task doesn’t offer a great bunch of features necessary to make it a complete project management software but it does deserve a spot due to its blazing fast performance, unmatched user interface, and flexible pricing plans.




A leap in team management. is an online task management tool that enables teams to work smarter, faster with an economical budget. A feel-good tool which has the largest collaboration, around 1,000 other apps to make businesses excel fast.

No need to go through painfully long emails. Cut down your task list to zero with One of the best project management apps which is growing at an exceptional rate. Users are not just using it, they are loving it.




Podio has won the first prize in the best project management tools by PC magazine in the year 2016. It’s time to take the strain away from your team and manage all your projects with Podio. Take your conversations to the next level. Eliminate all the barriers that are coming in your way.


Whether you want to manage 5 users or 5,000 users, Proworkflow will help you organize, manage, update, and analyze projects that can finish on-time. A flexible online project management tool for smart teams.




Hygger is another project management software that offers a range of features to effectively manage teams, projects, and initiatives. It offers a wide variety of possibilities to manage projects, from project timelines to planning tasks in Kanban boards, using Sprint boards to manage Sprints and more.


Redbooth is a powerful, high-end project and task management software. Super-charge the speed of your projects by collaborating with your team via email. Track your time with every project and assign appropriate teams to get the project done on time.