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Esperanto live concert videos

If you want to know who is giving concerts in Esperanto these days, here is a collection of concert videos that can also serve as an introduction to Esperanto music. Many of these were recorded very recently, during the JES (event for young people between Dec 28th 2012 and January 4th 2013).

Presenting only one song per group - explore more!

La Perdita Generacio - La Matenrampanto

Immensely popular group hailing from Sweden.

Julián Hernández - Tiel la mondo iras

Singer-songwriter from Cuba

Kimo - Sola

Kimo from Hotel Desperado or Esperanto Desperado, often sings with his accordion.

La kuracistoj - Junula Amo

German group mostly adapting songs by the German punkrock band "Die Ärzte".

Amindaj - Lasu la malĝojon flugi

Amindaj is a young group from Cuba playing traditional Latin music.

Dolchamar - Junaj idealistoj

Dolĉamar is a popular Esperanto band from Finland. They became famous with the rap song "Ĉu vi pretas?" and now mostly play rock.

Gijom - Amo kaj Asfalto

From France, making music in the best tradition of French singer-songwriters.

Jomo - La Bamba

From France, holds the Guiness world record for playing in the most languages during a single concert (25). He adapts folk songs from around the world to Esperanto. The video also shows the traditional kissing dance that goes with La Bamba.

Ĵele - Vi trompis min

Ukrainian duo (mother+daughter) playing mostly Eastern European folk.

Ĵomart kaj Nataŝa - Nia trajn

Couple from Kazakhstan playing melodic and often melancholic songs.

Kajto - 50 min of concert

Dutch folklore band. 50-minute excerpt of concert.

La Okulvitroj - Jen alkohol'

La Okulvitroj, a mix of La Kuracistoj and 42, presents the most popular Esperanto drinking song. Learn this song before going to an event!

Martin Wiese - Tro longe

German singer-songwriter. Famous for "Pli ol nenio", which he wrote as a member of the Swedish-German group Persone.

Asorti - Ja nur diru, ke vi amas

Lithuanian electronic music.

Toñe & Jonny M. - Eterna Lumo

Jonny M, Germany-based singer specializing in reggae. Singing here together with Tone.

La Pafklik - Various Songs

French rapping duo. Most famous for "Fek al Esperanto".

Samadhi - Verda

Reggae and melodic rock.

Stefo - Filo

German singer who mostly adapts German punkrock songs to Esperanto.

Supernova - Pasio en Katen'

Brazilian rock group

Toñe - Verva Virin'

Rap and hiphop from Brazil. Famous for "Esperanto estas nova kanto". and if you ever wondered if Esperanto could be rapped quickly... (starting at 0:15)

Alejandro Cosabela - Hej

Argentinian guitar music.

Platano - Kvodlibeto

French rapper

Esperanto Desperado - Ska-virino

Band with changing members from Denmark, Poland, Bosnia and Ghana, is responsible for creating two big Esperanto hits: "Sola" and "Ska-virino".

Sylwia Lipka - Imagu

Beautiful cover of Imagine by this young Polish singer.

Mary-Jane Gaspard - Nur Amiko

The young star of the sega style from Mauritius Island (Indian Ocean) singing "Nur Amiko" the Esperanto version translated by Stefano Kell.