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Business Certification in Trinidad | CTS College

Improving Creativity with Event Management Courses

Event management courses teach students how to manage the pricing for events and how to create profits by controlling costs and unnecessary expenses.

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Importance Aspects Regarding Public Relations Certifications

Public Relations certification course at CTS College provides a complete introduction to the subject of current PR, introducing a wide variety of core concepts and essential theoretical teachings.

Stay Ahead of the Game by Keeping up Social Media Management

Social media management courses ensure that you are kept abreast of the latest management trends and train you to best use the reach afforded by the platforms.

The Importance of a Crisis Management Course ~ CTS College of Business & Computer Science Ltd

Crisis management courses cover the entirety of managing a crisis, from predicting a crisis by observing the trends to setting up defense plans for various crisis, to ensuring minimum loss to the business or enterprise/

Want to Obtain Expertise in Public Relations? Enroll in a Part-Time Diploma Course!

A diploma in public relations can be a valuable addition to your skillset and could possibly earn you a promotion or higher-paying salary.

Top Benefits of Enrolling in a Diploma Course in Public Relations

Whether you are a business entrepreneur or employee, a diploma in public relations can add value to your skill set and help you ace the PR game.

CTS College Announces Rollout of Industry-Relevant Social Media Management Course

The social media management course offered by CTS College in Trinidad and Tobago is the perfect solution for your requirements.

How a Beginner’s Course in French Opens Doors to Exciting Life Opportunities

Many people consider courses of French conversation for beginners as a starting point to expand their linguistic skills.

When Disaster Strikes, Emergency First Responder Course Learning Can Be a Life-Saver « CTS COLLEGE

Here are some benefits individuals and corporate communities can derive by participating in an emergency or disaster responder course.

Five Interviewing Skills That Can Help You Land That Dream Job

What are the effective interviewing skills you should possess? Read on for more information!

Role Of A Crisis Manager In Business

Here is a guide on the role of crisis managers and how to build or enhance your career with crisis management courses.

Major Microsoft Office Applications At a Glance

Microsoft Office suite of software and productivity tools enable today’s businesses to prosper and compete best with their cutting edge technology. Read on to figure out the importance of significant applications in the suite and how Microsoft Office training enables you to stay cognizant.

Public Relations: A Vital Role and the Face of a Business - Online School for Degrees in Trinidad from the UK's Unive...

CTS College of Business and Computer Science Ltd (CTSCBCS), aims to become the foremost provider of Quality Educational Services.

Who Can Benefit From A French Conversation Course for Beginners? « CTS COLLEGE

Having second thoughts about enrolling in a programme of French conversation for beginners? French is the ‘language of love’ but does learning conversational French have any practical benefits? Here is some information to help you decide.

Four Remarkable Benefits of Participating in a Crisis Management Course

Crisis management skills can be learned just like other professional skills and crisis management courses are good starting points to obtain training. Here are some major benefits of enrolling in a crisis management course.

Tips to Select A High Quality Spanish Conversation Course for Beginners

Interested in Spanish conversation for beginners? With the number of people speaking Spanish rising all over the world, knowing how to speak this language can be of huge benefit in the job market. However, you shouldn’t settle for the first or cheapest course you come across.

Four Amazing Advantages of Signing Up For a Diploma Course in Public Relations

Have a fascination for public relations? Want to know how to use public relations to your advantage? A diploma in public relations might be the right platform for you. Here are some advantages of enrolling in a diploma course for public relations.

Should You Consider a Diploma Course in Event Management?

Whether you desire a career start in event planning industry or a career switch to event planning industry, here are some compelling reasons to consider event management diploma in Trinidad and Tobago.

What Are the Best Ways to Learn Spanish For Beginners in Trinidad and Tobago?

Interested in learning Spanish conversation for beginners and don’t know where to start? With a wide variety of solutions including mobile apps, desktop software, and classroom tutoring, finding the best way to learn basic Spanish that fits your schedule can be confusing. Here is some information to help you make the right choice.

Spanish Conversation for Beginners - Language Learning and Other Cultures

This course is intended for persons with minimal or no knowledge of the Spanish Language and those who love to travel and experience new cultures. Call us for more details.

French Conversation for Beginners - Language Learning and Other Cultures

This course gradually introduces participants to basic French conversation through a series of interactive sessions that incorporates the use of grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation lessons.

What you can Gain from Makeup Classes in Trinidad?

A basic introductory course in Skin Care and Makeup classes in Trinidad can be completed in 1 day within an 8-hour session. It’s a highly flexible course conducted on weekends, designed to suit the schedule of working professionals.

Overview of Solar Panel Installation Certification by CTS College

Select colleges in Trinidad have the expertise to offer a certification course in Photovoltaic systems installation. Here, students learn how to design, install, commission, inspect and maintain these...