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Updated by Joanna James on Aug 29, 2019
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8 Benefits of Living in an Apartment- Why you should definitely go for it!

What the start of an energetic morning and the end of an exhausting night both have in common is that it all happens at home. In choosing a home, convenience and peace of mind are everything! Here are a few benefits of making an Apartment your home!


The Financial Slack

The best thing about living in an apartment has got to be how much cheaper it is rather than having to settle off ludicrous mortgage instalments end of every month. In addition to this, the other financial obligations such as utilities and upkeep are generally lower too given the smaller space occupancy. Given the exorbitant property prices in and around the city of Colombo, a much more financially sensible decision would be to go for one of the numerous apartments for rent in Colombo.



The whole ordeal of maintenance work in an apartment is just as easy as a single phone call to the landlord/owner. Not only is a huge saving on financial costs, but also a burden off your mind possibly if you have an extremely hectic schedule at hand. As opposed to living in a house, you need not fret the leaky rooftops during monsoon season, or the frisky looking yards because maintaining these aspects of a residence comes with the package! You absolutely cannot put a price cap on the peace of mind that comes with renting an apartment, now can we?


The Amenities

Yeah, houses are cool too, but what about all the fancy facilities that come with the package of an apartment? Everything from a pool to a gymnasium to convenience stores and launderers within the premises or within the close proximity to the property is everything you could ask for in settling into a comfortable life at your new residence. True you could just as easily find a house with similar facilities, but do you think at any cost this could be cheaper than opting for a fully-fledged apartment? As mentioned earlier, convenience is the heart of the concept of apartment living and luxury apartments listed by premium brands such as Ritzpace prove this time and time again.



Concern for security is yet another article out of sight and out of mind when it comes to living in an apartment. In addition to the general complex safety measures that will be in place by nature, the sense of proximity to the other neighbours makes it one of the most attractive residential options for single women, children, families and even the elderly.



The next best thing to being the money-managing wizard that apartment living is is the intriguing accessibility of such complexes. By nature, they are designed so that they provide optimal facilities to their occupants, especially logistically. Living in one of the many urban apartment complexes within the city of Colombo would save you hours of frustration sitting in atrocious traffic!



Convenient is the go-to-word when it comes to describing apartment living, by all means. Somehow, it makes an impression a thousand times better when explaining the size of an apartment. Their general efficient space planning and chic d├ęcor to add to the lively atmosphere make it an excellent space to be living in, especially given how proportionate and secure they are.



The social implications of close proximity dwelling enhance the likelihood of creating lifelong connections among the tightly wound community occupying units within the building. Yes, a sense of community and belonging most certainly do exist within rural and suburban areas, but the extent of close proximity amplifies the odds of such relationships springing by a thousand times!



While you are in the process of mustering up your courage (and financial means) to go for a life-long dream and commitment of owning a house by yourself, an apartment is an excellent interim option to go for.

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