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Smart Garden Solutions


Smart Garden Solutions

Smart Garden Solutions

IOT is the future of mobile apps. Everything can easily control using IOT just one click of your mobile apps. Let’s find what can be the smart garden solutions which will improve our garden smartly.

The Smart Gardens are fastidious outlined, self-growing indoor garden that remodels how pure food is grown. Our NASA urged Smart Soil executes sure plants get the optimal arrangement of water, oxygen, and nutrients, while special LED grows lights render your plants with the energy they need to flourish.

how iot help you garden to make smart?
Garden is an elemental part of any house. Sustaining it at its best is a big task especially while every one of us is so diligent! A smart garden notion can help you. A smart sprinkler system can preserve up to 50% on your outdoor water bills. You can schedule watering through the mobile app from anywhere. You can also start/stop watering remotely.

The smart garden hub can detect pipe leaks and breaks, and work with your home automation devices – Amazon Alexa, Google Home, IFTTT, Apple Watch, Nest, Netatmo and much more.Uses garden sensors to estimate weather prognosis and water only when required. Sends notifications and water preservation statements. Once can schedule watering through the app.


Ajath can help to design such a solution. Once you identify the hardware we can help you acquire the firmware within it and also the complete mobile app and the cloud hosting of the APIs. The operation will use the home WiFi. Using IOT for your garden help you to save water & gives you the notification about the growth of the plants. IOT helps to control your home, kitchen, & also your garden & gives you the smart way of living & also help your garden to maintain in easy way by using a mobile app.


Lamp Application Development

Lamp Application Development

Lamp is the most reliable and preferred open source technology in the World. It supports uncountable websites and has a strong community which is constantly exploring it’s limit, adding value, making it robust, scalable and cost-effective tool for all the clients across the globe. We have an extensive hands-on with the custom applications for various clients. Due to its flexibility and scalable properties, it is finding a widespread use in Startups and enterprise.

We are totally a result driven company who have the certified professionals and strong consulting teams that have knowledge in their various business verticals respectively. We harness the power of Lamp Stack technology for various projects and deliver out client ease of customization, flexible and Secure environment.

We handle the outsourcing work in custom LAMP Development for various industries which enables us to work on your requirement for Web Development, E-commerce solutions and other programming based projects. We have great exposure to all kinds of PHP based technologies like Magento, Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, Zen Cart etc.

*Why Choose Ajath Infotech mobile app development company for development:

W3C validations in lamp websites
Best yet affordable development
Excellent coding standards and UI/UX designs

*The Reason for Lamp Development Apps:

LAMP is a popular choice for web application development because it provides many benefits over other platforms as stated below:
Code Development is Easy
LAMP Web Applications are used primarily for web browsers
Widespread deployment
Cost and Security reasons
LAMP Web Applications are compatible with a majority of the web browsers


Healthcare App Development

Healthcare App Development

As a service provider, you must be strictly fair to your customers, service providers and the public authorities. That’s why we have developed a tailored web platform for healthcare professionals together with specific industry specialists. Here you are getting benefit from various advantages from a single source. This saves you time and money, and allows you to concentrate on your treatment.The digital healthcare network comprises of mHealth, Electronic Health Records, wearable, and social media. Predictive analytics will help in providing preventive healthcare facilities rather than curative healthcare.

This has become a situation where Patients are demanding better access to their healthcare information. As a result, providers are deploying online portals that allow patients to manage appointments, securely access health records, and correspond with clinicians in just a click. New mobile apps provide ready access to the patient portal, as well as a wealth of other information, from hospital directions, to local patient support groups, to the current menu and prices in the hospital cafeteria.i.e the user doesn’t need to stand in the long queue in the hospitals and related areas.

Why Ajath for medical Industry?

On-Demand consultation and Ideation
Digital healthcare ecosystem
Doctor’s appointment booking and cancellation
Medicine order and Home Delivery
Pills reminder
Clinical Analytics
Healthcare information system and EHR
Mobile-wearable integration
A comprehensive solution that enables medical facilities to deliver superior patient care while reducing operational costs.

End-to-end solution for managing the administrative and clinical operations of nursing homes, home care and similar facilities.

Advanced Telehealth solution for eldercare, chronic disease and recovery care

Specialised and Exclusive medical record system for public and professional licensing authorities

Enterprise-ready mobile EMR solution for enhanced ambulatory care delivery.


Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management is the method of controlling how your business is noticed online. This method includes monitoring your presence online. While a negative online review or feedback on your goods, service or about your business can have an impression on customer perceptions, the effect it can have on investors, partners and ultimately revenue.

At Ajath, our work is to maintain your reputation good on the search result. We’ll work to bring decisive reviews on the search results, and relegate the negative ones to the latter pages. Eventually, we will exclude all negative or bad reviews through our effective ORM services.

We provide Online reputation management services to all type of market. We have a highly experienced team of writers, social media and SEO experts that work collectively to enhance your online reputation.

Reputation & Brand Analysis
Get A Plan Set!
Online Review Clean Up
Watch, Learn And Evolve
Highlight Positive Experience
Improving Your Online Presence
Removing Negative Content
Suppress Negative Results
Managing Online Reviews
Monitoring And Measuring Success
Check online reviews about your brand now and if you find something ghastly, don’t hesitate to contact us for help. We would love to hear from you and approve your brand.


Search engine optimization (SEO) famously consists of various qualities, and one of the most important is off-page Optimization. Often pronounced as “off-page Search engine optimization(SEO)” refers to actions taken outside of your own website to enhance the position of your rankings within search engine results pages (SERPs). It is very relevant because it tells the search engines that your website is important than others on the web.

Off-page, SEO gives a very genuine indication of how the other websites and users perceive the particular website. Many people connect off-page SEO with link building only, but it goes way beyond that. In a more clear way, if you write a guest post for another blog or leave a comment, it includes an off-page site promotion.

Off-page SEO relates to all the measures that can be taken outside of the main website in order to develop its position in search engine rankings. For e.g – if you’ve got a set of high-quality backlinks (incoming links) pointing to your pages, search engines will consider that you’ve got great content. (the type that provides value for its users).


Social Networking Sites.
Blogging-Blog Marketing.
Forum Marketing.
Search Engine Submission.
Directory Submission.
Social Bookmarking.
Link Baiting.
Photo Sharing.
Video Marketing.
Business Reviews.
Local Listings.
Article Submission.
Social Shopping Network.


Coupons Solutions

Coupons Solutions

Coupons solutions have many features , its main feature is marketing . Our coupon solution gives the best marketing and advertising feature for marketer as well as user . It will help the users to engage with the offers easily In other words, it help to promote your business as well by giving huge discount on the product or service. Some times they provide free services to the members for years or more.

Customer will always want to use the feature that is suitable to them , We use coupons and ads that is related to them that for what we aim for. Our coupon solution and ads save that coupons and use that coupon when it is in use. We gives many features to save the coupon by email, share with social media or site that would help user to know about the coupon and ads ,because it will help the user in marketing that will good for them.

87% customers believe that coupon solution is a new way for new brands to reach them & also help to promote their business.

Advantages of Coupons Solution :

Leads in Customers
Navigation & Location
Aware & Distribution
Great offers
At Ajath we make apps in iOS, Android or both. Coupons solutions apps knows about the coupons which are used. These apps share the coupons on social media or ads & help the user to know about the coupons.

Coupons solutions are help the users & also help your business to grow by giving the huge discount because by giving huge discount user attract your services & gives you rate for good service. It will help you business & also make good connections among the users. Many apps provide the discount on first time of booking services & also gives better services. The users gives the rating for the service provide by the apps.


Smart Contract Audit

Smart Contract Audit

Smart Contract Audit is a deliberate problem nowadays.Security bug , misbehavior and inability are very costly when you expand a Smart Contract to a Block chain. Organizations are really anxious about their Smart Contract Code because once it is executed , there is no turning back and money can be fastened in the Block chain and can be bound forever. A Smart Contract Audit is essentially the equivalent as a regular code audit which is completely inspecting code to find security , faults , accountability before the code is openly expand.

It’s like examining a platform before’s its not closed to the public.Basically it is a computer protocol design to ease , verify and accomplish negotiations in block chain technologies escaping the services of a agent.It assists the back-end working of disperse system. A Smart Contract has a arranged set of guideline under which the parties acknowledge to collaborate : if field from insurance premiums to rebounding agreements.It basically includes automatic and manual testing . Smart Contract Developers , Owners and Managers of ICO Startups, Product Owners of Decentralized Apps any body who needs of trust of stakeholders & investors needs the Smart Contracts Audits. Smart Contract Audits often used for hacken as it will get detailed report,fixed and transparent pricing, clear audits metrics, and experienced researches.

Smart contracts assures complete automation, fragmentation, and expanded clarity of countless online processes. Although, there is a demand to assure the bond of smart contracts too. The professional team of advisor performs smart contract audits in correspondence along the centralized techniques. If Smart Contract Audits are poorly designed then the most common issue arises is Over engineering and High Complexity. It can offenly suffer from Stack Overflow and underflow , replay attack , short address attack.Hackers can remove digital currencies too. Ether wallets from the Etherium network got robbed too. Such hacks build important conclusion for the cryptocurrency world. To iron out the crimp, smart contracts use to be audited too.

Each program bring the exposure of error. You need an expert to analysis for errors previously the definite execution of a smart contract. Ajath has experienced experts who can benefit you to audit your smart contract. Our team will bring your codes perform the way it is designed to.


Alexa Skills

Alexa Skills

Alexa is a virtual personal assistant invented to compete with the likes of Apple’s Siri, Google Now, and others. It which was designed by Amazon’s secretive Lab126, can listen to your voice and react with contextual responses to help you get the job fulfilled. Hence, it will help you listen tracks on Spotify, create to-do lists, store, and even manage your smart home product. You can also use the voice-assistant to build your smart home gradually, as Alexa Skills can also pair with hubless devices.

Amazon’s Fire TV set-top box and Fire HD 8 tablet also support Alexa Skills.
As a result of its work, Amazon also has allowed some third parties to assist Alexa. For example, the LG SmartThinQ hub and the Pebble Core wearable appear with Alexa help. An intercom called the Nucleus Anywhere also can support Alexa, and there’s a smartwatch called CoWatch that has Alexa alliance.

You can also use the voice-assistant to build your smart home gradually, as Alexa Skills can also pair with hubless devices such as WeMo switches and Nest thermostats. Alexa skills help us to control your home, lights, play music for us, tell bedtime stories, Latest news, religious songs, & many more. In conclusion it’s like a person which is always available for us are gives us soulful music relaxation provide info & many more.

The number of jobs that Alexa can perform is clearly more than we can list in this feature:
Find recipes and give you clear step-by-step
Control your Neato Smart Vacuum.
Narrate a Kindle book.
Get movie show times or sports plans.
Order pizza and find nearby restaurants.
Pay your bills with the Capital One app.
Order pretty much anything online.

Smart home Alexa Skills
It used for News
Use for Educational
For Game
For Relax, Pray, or Work Out
Random Alexa Skills
Alexa has weather forecast Skills and much more skills


Android App Development

Android App Development

AJATH Infotech is a award winning Android development company In Delhi NCR with also executives the whole cycle, from idea to communication. Proper use of a demonstrated lithe strategy and in-house ability, we convey end-to-end custom items that incorporate the whole scope of Android gadgets.

We’ve try to make successful local Android applications that meet the client’s need. Similarly we make the apps which meet the cleint’s need. Due to that reason they trust AJATH Infotech as their Android Development improvement organisation. Connect today to get your Android venture off the ground.

Why mobile apps?
In today’s era, having a mobile app for a business is very important. Our team gives an excellent service to our client’s that also maximises the efficiency of their businesses. In other words “All you need is an Idea that can change your world!!”

First of all mobile apps are very important in our daily life as well as our business life. Therefore developing an app is not easy because it need the software used in developing app & also android SDK is also used in it. Android software is the process by which new applications are created for devices compatible with the Android operating system.


Online Auction

Online Auction

Online auction method provides a way to sell and buy products which are either tangible or intangible. It’s held on the internet. It involves multiple bidder participation. It is an online market where people gather to buy, sell, trade and check out the goods of the day. Bids start from low and slowly it went up because an online clerk will relay your bids to the Auctioneer and you will bid against floor bidders who are at the auction and other online bidders. If the product is popular their bids increases with a very high rate. There is some online auction app like eBay, ShopGoodwill, Listia, UBid etc. There are six basics types of auctions such as:

First-price sealed-bid
Vickrey auction
Reverse auction
Bidding fee auction
An Online auction has no fixed time, no geographical limitation includes a large number of sellers and bidders, which encourages a high-volume online business. It is safe for all the online users who think that they are not safe or it is a waste of money. Online auctions are not only the easiest way to sell or buy the product but also you can find unique things.

Before auction you have to do some steps:
Select your site
Choose your product
Look at listing options
Create your ad
Establish trust
Get exposure

Therefore, Ajath Infotech mobile app development company provides the solutions for online auction. In other words, for an online auction, you don’t need to go anywhere, you can buy or sell product by sitting at home as well. Also after the product, it comes to your home by post, due to this you don’t have to go anywhere. It is very convenient also. With the auction, the auctioneer can save money and time. One of the main things about an auction is that you can also negotiate prizes and sometimes you can buy costly items at a low price.


Wordpress Development

Wordpress Development

WordPress is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL.It is used by more than 60 million websites, including 30.6% of the top 10 million websites as of April 2018. It is the most uncomplicated blog and content management platform. Today where there is a website for everything from booking flight tickets to shopping to playing interactive games, WordPress has transformed the way business build and communicate with their customers. It has emerged as the most popular web content publishing platform in recent times. It adds a beautiful view to a website while offering the best end user experience.

*We as a WordPress Provider:

We offer a website that can be customized by the customer and can maintain easily including its content, images, multimedia, and other crucial data.
Our Developer uses WordPress themes, templates, modules and plug-in to improve your WordPress website.

Our developers are deeply involved in high-performance WordPress website development services who have several years of experience in providing highly compelling and customized WordPress solutions starting from custom WordPress development to WordPress website development, plugin development, and theme customization as per requirement.

*Our WordPress portfolio contains:

Custom theme design
Responsive Websites
Wordpress shopping cart
Plugin Development
Wordpress Website migration
Wordpress news/Magazines
Portfolio WordPress websites

*Why Ajath Infotech Mobile application development Company:

Unmatchable Quality
Ease in management
Most actively and widely supported
Best Pricing
Proven and appreciated methodologies.
ISO Standardized processes

*Features that everyone Admire:

Easy to use
Own Domain Name
Outstanding and excellent design
Mobile compatibility
Powerful Stats
Support 24*7


iOS App Development

iOS App Development

AJATH Infotech is a full-benefit iOS app development company giving administrations that cover the whole improvement cycle, from idea to dispersion. Utilizing a demonstrated spry procedure and in-house ability, we convey end-to-end custom items that incorporate the total scope of iOS gadgets, including iPad, Apple TV, watchOS and iPhone application advancement. We’re the iOS advancement accomplice of decision for a portion of the world’s driving brands.

AJATH Infotech gives full iOS application improvement administrations, taking care of the whole advancement cycle from idea to advertise conveyance. We get an abundance of experience iOS application advancement to your venture. iPad and iPhone application improvement are among our center capabilities, enabling us to convey solid local iOS applications that offer consistent client encounters. We have likewise worked broadly on the media side, creating TV Everywhere applications for Apple TV. Striking iOS application improvement accomplishments incorporate Chromecast combination into an iOS application, guide innovation, area following and mapping, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

iOS (formerly iPhone OS) is a mobile operating system created and developed by Apple Inc. exclusively for its hardware. It is the operating system that presently powers many of the company’s mobile devices, including the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. It’s the second most popular mobile operating system globally after Android.
The SDK is a free download for users of Mac personal computers. It is not available for Microsoft Windows PCs. The SDK contains sets giving developers access to various functions and services of iOS devices, such as hardware and software attributes. Combined with Xcode, the iOS SDK helps developers write iOS apps using officially supported programming languages, including Swift and Objective-C.

Increasing iOS development:
Robust App Architecture
One-Shot App Store Approval
iPhone & iPad Development
Fewer Bugs
Better Developer Tools

Why Ajath Infotech Mobile apps development company
We expert in mobile apps development ,iOS apps development ,Android apps development and Web Development.We employ industry best practices to deliver robust & scalable iOS mobile apps for the Mobile world. We have delivered applications on a variety of business verticals utilizing AI, AR/VR, IoT & BlockChain concepts.

Save up to 60% of development cost
Agile & adoptive development process
Fixed cost, hourly or monthly engagements
Strict NDA
99% on-time delivery
100% transparency and honesty


Application Maintenance Post Deployment at the minimal rates
Update to latest iOS features as in market
New device & hardware compatibility guaranteed
Updates to iOS version compatibility

We design user-friendly UI/UX carved for customers targeted end-user, develop powerful functionalities and designs, test apps for code quality and features, and delivers innovative and robust iPhone/iPad apps.