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Updated by Pot Valet Marijuana Weed Delivery on Dec 10, 2019
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Rainbow Haze Marijuana Strain – Hybrid

Rainbow Haze Cannabis | Hybrid Marijuana Strain | Pot Valet

The Rainbow Haze Cannabis Strain is the potent Sativa-dominant offspring of the Rainbow and Haze strains, both famous in their own right and parents of many different strains. This is a happy hybrid, ideal for daytime use. THC levels frequently measure as high as 20 percent, sometimes more, and it contains plenty of CBD too. Potent, tasty, and with euphoric, uplifting effects, it is extremely popular.

Moon Rocks - Hybrid | Kief and Hash infused Marijuana | PotValet

Moon Rock containing over 750mg of THC, 250mg of Oil and 100mg of Kief; these Moonrocks might provide that exact strong high you were searching for. Infused Moonrocks are made by unique method infusing the bud to the core of the stem. The Hush Moonrocks are well known for their strength and purity in every puff. This is a popular product for advanced smokers, looking for a little more buzz than usual.

Shark Shock Weed Indica Marijuana Strain | PotValet

Shark Shock Weed is an Indica strain. This hybrid cross of the famous White Widow and Skunk #1 strains is still very popular among cannabis lovers. It's THC levels 20 percent, and its sweet, sour, and spicy flavors keep folks returning for more, especially in California. Pot Valet offers weed delivery in Los Angeles and all most all over in California. If you want to try Shark Shock Weed then visit their official sites.