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Cybrosys Software & Odoo Blogs

Collection of Software products and odoo open erp blogs.

Best HRMS Software

CYBRO HRMS is web based software used to design, organize and focus a company's Human Resource Department. The software automates the organizations daily activities and time consuming HRM tasks.

Best POS software

Cybro POS software encompasses sales, billing, expense, reporting and manages your entire business easier. The point of sale Software offers a great level of flexibility and transparency for retail business owners.

Service ERP Software

Scheduling right people at the right time with the right set of skills is made easier with Cybrosys Service ERP. The application tool quickly capture service needs and access customer information, product history, and resources required to shorten time between call receipt and job assignment.

Small business Accounting Software

Accounting software with a contemporary interface with a robust feature set. The application promises to make finance management easy so the user can save time, and get on with other tasks. It helps you to create desired invoices, track expenses and manage inventory by letting you know what’s going on with your business IN just few clicks. Designed specifically to meet the needs of start ups and SME’s, it gives assurance and freedom to achieve business goals more efficiently.


What is the concept of strategic human resource management?

Employees are the building block of any organization. An effective employee is the greatest resource for any company. The skills and unobtrusive nature of employees will consistently ponder the work they do and this will, thus, make the company extremely solid. Not every one of the employees will be of a similar skillset and ability, some will require a push to reach the level wanted by the company. In the company perspective when a worker is viewed as his skill set isn't the main thing which comes to contemplations. Each region related to the representative must be considered. This is a tremendous sector which incorporates recruitment, salary, attendance, leaves, payroll, transfer, timesheet, and so forth.

So handling of the human resource sector isn't as simple as it is by all accounts and there are no potential ways with which the human resource management can be proficiently completed without the guidance of a human resource management software. The human resource management is something which must be completed dependent on exact systems and effective arranging. Taking care of the employees and everything identified with them ought to be finished with the most extreme consideration, any miscommunication occurring between the representative and organization will cost them both which isn't something that is valued.

The strategic human resource management is about the methodologies taken care of forwarding by an organization to meet its objectives by keeping up a legitimate association with its human resources imagining most extreme benefits in the business. Human resource management software can be utilized for arranging systems in the human resource division.

*Purposes behind having strategic Human Resource Management *

There are numerous purposes behind having an SHRM in an organization. The challenge will be extremely solid in any field of business. So it is basic to evaluate new techniques that will recognize our company from others. Likewise distributing works as indicated by the ability of employees is done by vital human resource management. Every one of the thoughts which help in accomplishing business, keeping up the work culture and powerful correspondence with the employees are the obligation of strategic human resource management. Defeats of an organization, dangers related to the business, and so forth ought to be taken care of slyly. Aside from these principle procedures going under the vital HRM are as per the following

  1. Making decisions with respect to business.
  2. Worker recruitment, hiring, and preparing, appraisal and etc.
  3. Keeping up virtues inside the organization and act at the occasions when they are abused.
  4. End of employees when they break the company rules and standards.
  5. Defining new objectives for the development of the organization.

Through strategic human resource management both the company just as the worker is getting profited. By and large, talking it is a two-way process where both the gatherings are the recipient.

A software like Cybro HRMS with its huge heap of highlights will be extremely useful for key human resource management.

Different Phases of ERP Implementation

ERP implementation is a long process and it may take a few months depending on the project size. ERP software includes implementation, configuration, and further customization. There are 8 different phases takes place during an ERP implementation. Before implementation, you must be known about the phases of ERP implementation. Each phase linked with next steps. If the phases perfectly satisfy the business needs, the Implementation process becomes successful.

Automatic Mailing of Cash in Odoo 12

This module allows you to include Cash In, Cash Out, Bank In and Bank Out details in your periodic KPI email sent from Odoo.
It provides a better understanding of the company liquidity and the fluctuation happening along with all other details, the periodic KPI email already providing.
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Product Packaging in Odoo 13

This video explains 'packaging services in Odoo13' As of in the industry, a package means something that we put together as a pack. In the concept of the pac...

Odoo Tips - Lots and Serial Numbers in Odoo 12

Lots and serial number is used to track the products.

Lot number is the number of products received and stored altogether in a single pack.Where, serial numbers are assigned to single product.

Odoo provides an option to adjust the inventory using lots and serial numbers.


Barcode Nomenclature in Odoo v12

This video helps you to understand the Barcode Nomenclature in Odoo v12
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All About Implementing Your HR software

The significance of human resource management software, in other words, HRIS or HRMS is no new phenomenon to the public. The benefits one can draw out of the HR software is endless.

Time Management System For Complex Pay Rules

With multiple office setups, every business is into adoption of HR software to manage time and attendance of employees. The intervention of HR software has mad…


White Label Software

White Label Software

What is White label Software?

White label the name indicates any goods or services produced by one company and its available for other companies for rebranding and reselling. From here, Both companies can earn through selling white labeled products.

Benefits of White Labelling:

  • Less control over specific features or updates
  • Faster launches, less risk, and lower cost
  • Reducing the time of building from scratch

If you are looking for white label software for rebranding and reselling, Software Whitelabel provides a massive collection of software for your business.

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No more waits for developers to customize your dream software. Use our proven ready-made application to start your own software business.
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Hire Dedicated Odoo Developer

Get quality work from market leaders in Odoo ERP solutions. We provide you the platform to find and hire dedicated Odoo developers who would assuredly give the best business solutions.

If you are looking to hire dedicated odoo developer, we are providing odoo developers for your business needs.

Odoo13 Point of Sale (POS)

Odoo POS comes supportive of multiple payment types. This option helps retailers to get adjusted to the mode in which the customer is willing to pay. Among the public, there are customers who prefer different payment types- say card payments, internet banking, cheques or liquid cash. Therefore retailers should remain susceptible to the mode of payment preferred by the customer.

Batch Picking in Odoo 13

Batch Picking in Odoo 13: The inventory module of Odoo will handle all transfers using odoo batch picking. If multiple delivery orders are on the same route, those orders can be picked as a batch.

Secure Data with Employee Database Management System

Having an HR software or an employee database management system can bring in multiple business benefits. The automated tool helps to streamline everything from recruitment to training, performance to evaluation, thus making every employee undertaking worry-free and organized. Moreover, the smart search in the application, helps you retrieve the employee data at its quickest, without any moments delay.