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Updated by Joanna James on Aug 29, 2019
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Top 5 Singapore food you should try - For a foodie adventure

Just like most other countries in South Asia, Singapore has a unique cuisine of its own. To know of the best dishes you must try while here, read on.


Hainanese chicken rice

This is a heavenly dish that is also known to be the national dish of Singapore. This meal is served with succulently cook chicken and aromatic rice that is steamed to perfection. The interesting part about this chicken rice dish is the way the chicken is prepared. Once cleaned, pieces of this meat is places in boiling water and then taken out to be placed in a bowl of ice water and then sliced to cubes. This different method of cooking is what gives the chicken the tender and juicy effect in the final dish. After this method, the chicken, ginger, garlic, chicken fat, and some chicken stock are added while cooking the rice, thereby adding flavour to the dish. If you are dining at one of the 5 star hotels in Singapore the likes of PARKROYAL on Pickering Singapore you definitely must try this chicken rice dish.


Char Kway Teow

This is an amazing street food Singaporean dish that looks yummy and definitely matches up to the vision. This is a dish that is made out of stir-fried rice noodles that have large amounts of black soya sauce added to it. These noodles are the flat kind. Afterwards, sliced up Chinese sausages and cubes of fat are added to the dish which makes for an amazing treat for your taste buds.


Kaya Toast

No food lover’s adventure in Singapore will be complete without trying this delectable toast. The Kaya Toast is a slim bread slice that is full of kaya jam and is cooked to perfection. This special jam is made with sugar, coconut, eggs and definitely takes one to heaven. If you love the spread on the toast you can also buy a jar or 2 to take back home and enjoy the Singapore taste back in your country. Many street foods stall offer this toast and these stalls can be found in most parts of the city.


Wanton Mee

Why you explore the culinary wonders of Singapore you definitely must try this too. A highly popular dish in Singapore, these wontons are made with prawns and minced pork. These cooked wontons are then served on a plate full of egg noodles. The final dish also has some barbecued pork and a few vegetables added to it. The dish is a mighty sight to look at and will definitely look good in your food feed on social media. This is a much-loved dish for both tourists and locals, especially on a cold rainy day in Singapore.


Nasi lemak

Nasi lemak is one of the classic Singapore dishes and is a definite favourite for anybody that loves spicy meals. The rice in this dish is made with coconut milk wrapped in a leaf and therefore has the most amazing flavour. This rice is usually served with meat and a side of vegetables. Chilli sambal, deep-fried chicken, fried fish and an egg are the usual sides added on to this meal. Because nasi lemak is such a popular dish in all parts of Singapore, you will be able to order and relish this dish at most restaurants around the country.

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