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Headline for The Best Hiking and Trekking Trails in Sri Lanka - For a truly incredible experience!
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The Best Hiking and Trekking Trails in Sri Lanka - For a truly incredible experience!

Did you know that Sri Lanka is one of the favourite destinations amongst hikers? Well, it is, and here are a number of the best hiking trails in Sri Lanka that you can explore during your vacation to this tropical island.


Horton Plains

The Horton Plains National Park need to be undertaken by all hiking enthusiasts. This is located 2 km above sea level and consists of an incredible plateau with grasslands, lakes, waterfalls and evergreen forests. You have a choice here, you can either choose short hikes that span about an hour or a trail that cover the whole plateau. It is all up to you and how much time you are willing to spend here. Having said that, this is one of the most significant hiking areas in the country, one that you must explore at all costs. One of the edges of the Horton Plains is called the World's end, which is a sudden drop of 800 m that overlooks the countryside. If you're lucky, you might even be able to see the oceans from here, given that it is not a cloudy day.


Knuckles Range

The fourth one on our list is the Knuckles range. This too is an epic place for hikers and is located between Matale and Kandy. Wondering why it is known as "Knuckles"? Well, the mountains here take up the shape of a knuckle and it's something you have to see to truly understand. The best part of this range is that it caters to all kinds of hikers, from beginners to pros. An ideal day would involve taking a day out. Start off in the lower peaks, get to the top have a picnic lunch with a view, and choose a different route to descend. For the others who need more, you can do a 3 day/2-night hike, towards Meemure. There are tour guides who can take you through and give you one of the best experiences you can possibly have. Trekking in Sri Lanka is a wonderful experience, and if you require some assistance, you can check out places like Nature Odyssey for guidance.


Ella Rock

The Ella Rock is highly sought-after by hikers. This is a day's hike, and you need to start off from the Ella town, and is located about 1 km above the sea level. You have to start up early in the morning in order to avoid the crowds and sometimes even the rain, which often develops in the afternoon. To your surprise, you might even have a friendly dog from the neighbourhood who follow you up to the top!


Adams Peak

The hike here is considered as a pilgrimage too, and you will see many people pay homage to the Giant Foot that is found at the peak. The hiking comprises of 5200 steps and ascending over two kilometres. People often tend to set-off early in the morning to enjoy a breath-taking sunrise view.


Little Adam's Peak

If you are not physically fit to take on the Adams Peak, then the Little Adam's Peak will be an ideal hiking trail for you. This is also located in Ella and is a quick hike up the mountain. You can have breath-taking panoramic views of tea plantations and rolling mountains, from above. All hikes tend to reward you with a view you cannot forget.

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