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Headline for 07 Must-try food in Tokyo - For a delightful gastronomic experience!
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07 Must-try food in Tokyo - For a delightful gastronomic experience!

Tokyo is one of the most talked-about food destinations. As such, if you're travelling to Tokyo any time soon, you must make sure to try some of their dishes that highlight their cuisine. Read on to find out more.



Well, you can't afford to come to Tokyo and not try a sushi platter, right? To taste the best sushi in these parts, you have to try the Nigiri-zushi which is the most popular dish of this kind. You can easily get a platter at any of the sushi restaurants in Tokyo. Besides, if you're looking for a serviced apartment in Tokyo Shinjuku, you can check out properties like Citadines Shinjuku Tokyo.



This is yet another truly delightful dish in Japan. And to your excitement, this dish has undergone creative touches to make it one of the most delicious dishes out here. Early on, vegetables were incorporated into this dish. However, now deep-fried seafood is used in the batter, which resulted in the dish having an exquisite flavour.



Soba is a dish made out of buckwheat noodles and is very popular in this country. You can now easily locate it almost anywhere in this city. Some restaurants and eateries also specialise in Soba noodles. You'll also be served with a thick dipping sauce. You must make sure to dip your noodles lightly and not go all in.



The Chankonabe, a hot pot dish, is known to serve the sumo wrestlers very well. This is a nutritious portion of food, rich in protein and seasonal veggies. The dish primarily contains chicken or fish. The most authentic versions of this dish can be tasted at places around Kokugikan Sumo Stadium. Most of these easterlies are owned by famous sumo wrestlers, of the past.



This is a kind of pancake that is runny in nature. It is prepared with flour that is mixed in water and ingredients like seafood, meat and cabbage. Afterwards, these are cooked over hot grills. A spatula is utilised to scrape off the cooked food and is consumed off the grills itself. The best places to try it? Check out Monjayaki Street.



These are portions of food that are first simmered in soy sauce and sweet sake in order to preserve the food. They are usually served when you order a rice bowl. It gives that extra zest that you need when consuming rice.


Tokyo Sweets

If you have a sweet tooth, Tokyo has something special for you too. There are many varieties of traditional sweets called the wagashi, you can try. This comprises of the ningyoyaki which is basically a paste of red beans that is filled in cakes that are shaped like a doll. The dorayaki is a pastry that is prepared with sweet pancakes that have fillings of red bean paste in between. The anmitsu is another dessert that is made out of agar jelly, mocha balls, seasonal fruits and red bean paste. This also has a topping of sweet black sugar syrup.