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Here's why Marine Engineering is a great career option

There are some who know exactly what they want to do and there are some who know they would like a particular path but unsure how much of a positive impact the decision would make on their future.


Education is a must

In order to be able to get a job as a marine engineer, it is a must to have a bachelor's degree. With experience being more valuable than qualifications and education in certain circumstances, youngsters thrive to gain experience over pursuing higher education. However, in order to be able to get a job as a marine engineer one needs to be educated and qualified.


Job opportunities

In order to understand the capacity of job opportunities for marine engineers, one needs to understand what are the avenues that will open up once they pursue educational qualifications. Marine engineers are responsible for the design, construction and engineering of the internal systems of sea vessels and their structures. Once you have gained your education at a renowned engineering college such as CINEC you are able to look at the different opportunities that are available for you to apply for jobs. Most engineering schools do have marine engineering as well but, it is important to acquire the qualification from an accredited college such as a specialised marine engineering college.



Due to the high demand for jobs in the field, the salaries that marine engineers receive has been on the rise and will continue to be so. Transportation and other methods that are made use of through the ocean will not cease to continue in the future. There will be opportunities for maintenance, design and engineering of these vessels for years and years to come. As the years grow and technology develops there will be a need for marine engineers who are able to invent and develop vessels and ships that fit the future.


Opportunities to travel

Being a Marine engineer might sound like a nine to five job. You would be required to sit at an office, design and study technology in order to solve matters or create new designs. However, if you work hands-on on a ship then you would get the opportunity to travel. The path you decide to embark on makes a difference in your future. If you are adventurous and love to travel this could be an advantage for you. If you are someone who loves high-risk projects that allow you to work under pressure real-life situations that need to be solved, this would be the job for you. No matter which type of job you prefer, a desk-job or a practical job that allows you to travel, being a marine engineer opens up many avenues for the future.


Further education

Since marine engineers are able to land their jobs through education and qualifications it does not come as a surprise that they are able to go higher in the job categories, if they do further studies. Someone who acquired a bachelor's degree versus someone who acquired a PhD or a doctorate would be able to go further.

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