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Updated by Royal Landscapes on Apr 23, 2020
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Professional lawn care services in South Jersey

A healthy and lush lawn is what every homeowner desires. Isn’t it? However, keeping it well-maintained all year round isn’t that easy. It requires time, care and maintenance. It is one of the chief reasons why most lawn owners prefer to hire professional lawn care service providers to take care and help in maintaining their lawn.

4 Common Lawn Problems: How to Fix Them - Royal Landscapes

Many lawn related issues are difficult to identify and people usually don’t have extra time to fix the lawn. This is why you should hire lawn care specialists to take the burden off you. Let us help you, contact us at 856-905-1669 for a luscious, thriving and green lawn!

How To Choose The Right Fertilizer For Your Lawn? - Royal Landscapes

Thriving, luscious, and green lawns don’t happen on their own. They need well-balanced and timely nutrition to fuel lush growth of plants and grass. Keeping your lawn at its peak performance requires proper maintenance and right fertilizer. It helps improve grass color, prevent weed invasions and diseases, and recovers grass from stress.

Royal Landscapes: Why You Should Hire a Lawn Care Company in NJ?

In order to keep your lawn luscious and green, you must pay very close attention to its care and maintenance

Royal Landscapes: Fall Landscaping Guide For New Jersey Landscaping Services

Well, usually, people in New Jersey think that they need not pay much attention to their lawns in fall as they do in summers. This lethargy is because of the belief that the grass grows slower in fall than in other seasons

6 Cheap Landscaping Ideas When You Are On A Tight Budget

Are you planning to upgrade your backyard? If the answer is yes, you must read the following things before starting to spruce up your backyard. If you think that you are not ready to do manual…

The Benefits of Seasonal Clean Up | Royal Landscapes

If you do not maintain your lawn properly, weeds can grow wildly and affect your lawn's health. Moreover, without regular maintenance, twigs, leaves, and debris can destroy the look and feel of your lawn.

Royal Landscapes: The Best Landscape Services for your NJ Home

The first thing that most people notice about a house is the yard in front of it. A good landscaping service provider can ensure that your lawn or yard looks beautiful and stands out in a tasteful manner.

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What Do Green Lawn Care Services Include? - Royal Landscapes - Medium

A beautiful lawn is something every homeowner would love to have. However, getting it might be a challenge. This is why you just might need to contact a landscaper, or lawn care services South…

When Should I Reseed My Lawn in New Jersey? - Royal Landscapes - Medium

You cannot come up with an attractive, green lawn without any effort. It takes planning and the right kind of reseeding methods to achieve this goal. Experts in lawn care services South Jersey say…

What are some Landscaping services? - Royal Landscapes - Medium

Landscaping services are provided by many companies with the chief purpose of uplifting the overall beauty of your property or land. New homeowners and business property owners mostly make use of…