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Updated by Joanna James on Jul 13, 2023
Headline for Facts about Parrot Beach Mirissa- A exceptional vantage point for panoramic views of Mirissa
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Facts about Parrot Beach Mirissa- A exceptional vantage point for panoramic views of Mirissa

For those of you who have already visited this magnificent spot nestled away in the beach stretch of beautiful Mirissa, kudos to you; time well spent! For those of you who have not been already, here are all the facts you need to know about this stunner!


What is the infamous Parrot Beach?

Located to the left of the entrance of Mirissa Beach, the Parrot Island is an adorable little rock island jutting into the Indian Ocean approximately about 50 feet from the shoreline. Now, just as easily described as this little beauty is, it is impossible to miss when on the Mirissa beach and although at first sight, it looks like nothing out of the ordinary, a small hike up the side of this little rock island along the foot-paved steps are bound to give you the most spectacular view of what lay ahead; the carpet of ocean stretching out far beyond in its serenity till the lines finally thin, and the ends meet, and it kisses the sky!


How to get to Parrot Rock?

The next best thing Sri Lanka is known for after its exotic and inexplicably gorgeous beaches is how high Sri Lanka Beach Villas have set the bar high for the whole rest of the world. Among many other attributes such as their delectable gastronomic and restful, unwinding experience, they are also known for allowing easy access to countless worthy attractions in their locality. The same could be said so about the Parrot Rock Island; luxury accommodation options such as Ubuntu Beach Villas are located as near as a 4-minute drive and if that's not ecstatic, we don't know what is! Once at the beach, the island could be the first thing you notice but actually reaching the top might be a little tricky (or more so fun). Depending on whether it is high tide or low tide times, you may or may not end up having to go at least waist-deep in water to get across to the footing of the island.


When to Visit Parrot Rock Island?

It is open to visit during absolutely any time of the day although it is advisable that you do settle for either a sunrise or a sunset. It is most crowded at sundown and is not even surprising given the splendid view of the horizon it offers to the lookers. After all, the travel fantasies of most travellers do revolve around chasing sunsets (and even waterfalls, possibly). However, if you would rather avoid the hustle and bustle and enjoy a hike up to catch a glimpse of sunrise with your significant other, by all means, you made a good choice! What an extraordinary way to begin the day, eh?


What to expect?

It is recommended that you dress-up for the occasion; preferably bring along a bathing suit for the cross-over expedition to save yourself the pain of drenching wet in your casualwear. Since the landing at the top of this little island is mostly lined with grass, you might even enjoy yourself a little bit more should you be able to bring a picnic with your buddies. Last but not least, it can get pretty sunny at the top landing and if you intend to spend some time here, we would definitely recommend some sunscreen and possibly a pair of sunglasses as well!