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Headline for Places to visit in Hangzhou- What Paradise is for heaven, Hangzhou is for Earth!
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Places to visit in Hangzhou- What Paradise is for heaven, Hangzhou is for Earth!

Just when you think China couldn't get better than its beautiful cherry blossoms at the wake of Spring and its rattling food scene, the authenticity of Hangzhou will have you second-guessing all the way! Prepare to be awe-inspired.



If you think 'heaven on earth' is an exaggeration of a name for this city, you could not be more mistaken as the breathtaking beauty and rich cultural heritage will tell you a whole other tale! It is known to have been once described by the legendary explorer 'Marco Polo' as the "finest and most splendid city in the world". Not so surprisingly, this city has been named a World Heritage Site as one of the Seven Ancient Capital Cities. It's enthralling beauty and an assortment of traditional cultures and habits make it all the more attractive to the inquisitive travellers from across the globe! If you are a fan of the ultra-energy and fast pace of energy in Shanghai, Hangzhou could be a bit of a damper. However, it needs to be stated that between its paced energy and insane views, the city has a lot to offer and you will certainly be pleased with its perfect balance of modernity and history and nature and culture. Here is a list of highlights that doth not be missed in Hangzhou.


The enchanted West Lake

You could undoubtedly name this as the milestone of Hangzhou and is famous as one of the best spots in the world to enjoy the perfect sundown. Its beauty is timeless through and through; just as much as the blossoming spring flowers can be delightful, so can the summer lotuses, the autumns bearing moon and the white snow of the cold winters around West Lake!


Woah-ter Towns!

It's not only through the canals of Italy that you can glide through on a magnificent gondola; you can do so along one of the ancient canals in the Water Town of Wuzhen or Naxun. The picturesque views of the tranquil villages and the serenity of the nighttime sceneries are to die for!


Grand Canal

To entertain the inquisitive traveller in you, a visit to the Grand Canal is highly recommended. Dug in 486 BC, it runs all the way from Hangzhou through to Beijing stretching over a staggering 1747 kilometers and is said to have played a significant role in both the economic as well as cultural development of China.


'The Silk Cradle'

Amongst many other things, the Hangzhou province is wildly famous for its high-quality Chinese Silk manufacturing. With its age-long silk culture and production, it is renowned for its superior textures, vibrant colours and abundance of varieties.
The best times to visit Hangzhou are Spring (March-May) and fall (September-November). Spring is rich with beautiful peach blossoms and weeping willows along Westlake while summer and winter bring out the weather extremities of China.
Just like any other area within China, Hangzhou too has a popping range of accommodation options to cater to your needs. From luxury hotels to cosy and comfortable apartments, Hangzhou has it all! The Somerset IOC Hangzhou is one of the best-known accommodation options for travellers and one look at their over-the-top amenities and services will tell you why!
In terms of transportation, you will be relieved to see how conveniently well connected Hangzhou is with most all the commercial cities. You have the option of private tours as well as more affordable private transport options, either way, you are in for a treat as getting around Hangzhou is a breeze with their extremely well-planned infrastructural network.