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Updated by Joanna James on Aug 28, 2019
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7 Amazing things to do in Maldives – To make your holiday more fun and entertaining

The Maldives is a paradise for those who love sunlight, beaches and water sports. Though these are the main attractions the country is famous for, there's a lot more that fascinates the tourist.



It hardly comes as a surprise that the main feature of any Maldivian holiday is considered water sports – the country is surrounded by the Indian Ocean making water sports a popular pastime. While there are all sorts of water sports for you to try out, snorkelling takes a special place. The great thing about snorkelling is whether or not you are an experienced diver; you can have the luxury of attempting it – as the underwater world in the Maldives is so vividly colourful and enchanting, one doesn't have to go too deep to appreciate the spectacle. You'll be swimming alongside turtles among the most charming coral reefs.



One of the best scuba diving destinations in the world, the Maldives caters to scuba divers from around the world. If you have experience as a diver, you are in for a fun diving session underwater. But if you are a newbie, this is going to be a novel experience to you – there are many dive schools that may allow you to go for a practice session first, not to mention the hotels like Grand Park Kodhipparu Maldives that caters to private diving. The Maldives is famous for stingrays and sea turtles who are going to be your companions while underwater.


Sight Dolphins

If you inquire as to the best activity in the Maldives, many will attest to sighting dolphins being the best. Such a rare sight to be enjoyed, dolphin spotting is something you must do while in the Maldives. If you venture out into the sea in search for pods of dolphins just before sunset, it won't take long before you see these playful creatures.



The popular water-sports destination favours a wide spectrum of water sports. Surfing is one such activity you'll come to enjoy in the Maldives. This may require you to be a little skilled; nevertheless, even if you can't surf, early in the morning, if you head out to the beach, you can see professional divers taking off for their diving sessions. But don't despair, there many schools in the Maldives that'll take you on for some surfing lessons.


A Pampering Massage

In addition to trying out all the adventurous excursions, visitors can also treat themselves to a soothing massage while in the Maldives. In an atmosphere made relaxing with soothing music, you can leave your well-being in the hands of a skilled masseur. After the massage, you shouldn't go out looking for more adventure; rather, you need to spend your day indoors with your relaxed body and soul.


A Romantic Dinner

The main intention of the couples that stream into the country is having a romantic dinner in the serenity of the evening. Some might even go as far as to say that Maldives is the most romantic destination in the world. Most of the food at many restaurants come in buffet style, and the certain dishes can be a little pricey too, but it's all going to be worth it as nothing can be more romantic than savouring delicious bits of seafood while sipping on a glass of champagne by the beach.


Island Hopping

Don't limit your journey to your resort island. There's a lot to enjoy on other islands as well. Every island in the Maldives poses distinctive features. So, plan an excursion to other islands where there is a large portion of the population resides. Also, don't forget to dress modestly as the country is an Islamic country that observes a strict dress code.