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Updated by Mike Callahan on Aug 28, 2019
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5 Sustainable Farming Methods and Practices

As business organizations operating in an increasingly competitive market, measures and steps should certainly be taken to ensure profits are maximized. Of course, there are lots of other factors that need to be taken into due consideration too. The planet that we call home is suffering because of the reckless activities of man. Every single business entity must aim to conduct their business operations in an ethical manner to ensure the sustainability of both the business as well as the greater environment.



When humans settle in a certain area, inevitably disruptions to the natural world will occur. This is to be expected. But in permaculture, the negative effect is sought to be minimized so that humans can coexist with nature and all of its elements. Permaculture can be applied to local economies as well as to housing systems. Even fields like food production and water supplies will greatly benefit from the principals of this sustainable farming method.


Biodynamic farming

In Biodynamic farming method, farmers are encouraged to tend to their farms as one holistic unit. The farm is presented as one living organism, where each of the species which are present, contribute to each other’s well being. Animals contribute to the enrichment of the soils and a high biodiversity of plants encourage the growth and attraction of a larger number of insects. This will surely help businesses fulfill their corporate social responsibility. Companies that are keen to help biodiversity conservation should certainly look into this method. Indeed, bio diversity and conservation are hot topics which are highly emphasized in the present day.


Hydroponics and aquaponics

This is a specialized farming method in which plants are grown without the use of soil. The plants receive the nourishment through specialized nutrients which are added to water. Both these techniques can be customized to suit home gardens as well as large scale commercial farming.


Urban agriculture

Urban agriculture is an incredibly popular farming method which is predicted to change the manner in which farming is conducted throughout the world, in future years. As more and more people in the world are predicted to live in urban areas in the future, the need to cultivate crops closer to urban areas is becoming apparent. Backyard farms, backyard gardens, rooftop farms and urban greenhouses are becoming popularized in this concept. It is said that one day, farming may even be done in urban farm towers. This method is also incorporated in organic agriculture in Sri Lanka of late.


Agroforestry and food forests

In agroforestry, both agriculture and forestry practices are seamlessly combined to give positive results to the environment. The trees which are grown in the forests will give the soil the nourishment that it needs while offering the right amount of protection to the crops from the elements. The microclimate that the trees create will be beneficial for the growth of healthy crops.
Hope the information above will help you to understand more about the concept of sustainable farming.