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Important Things To Consider When Buying Lapis Jewelry

Important Things To Consider When Buying Lapis Jewelry

Wearing Your Lapis Lazuli in Style: How to Style Lapiz Lazuli Jewelry | Lapis Jewelry

When looking at a piece of jewelry, you often don’t consider its origins. Where did it come from? Does it have a history? The blue Lapis Lazuli is one of these stones. Its ancient heritage is not thought of when using it to add an element of class to your style. But it’s rich with […]

Wearing Your Lapis Lazuli in Style: How to Style Lapiz Lazuli Jewelry | Lapis Jewelry

How exactly do you style Lapis Lazuli jewelry? Check out this guide to learn how to style it.

Lapiz Lazuli Jewelry: A Brief History of Lapiz Lazuli Jewelry | Lapis Jewelry

What is the history behind Lapiz Lazuli jewelry? Click here for a brief history, plus fun facts about this semi-precious stone!

Real of Fake?: How to Tell if Your Lapiz Lazuli Jewelry is Real | Lapis Jewelry

How can you tell if your Lapiz Lazuli jewelry is fake? Click here for a complete step by step guide to know if your jewelry if fake or real!

Why Wear Lapiz Lazuli?: The Top Benefits of Wearing Lapiz Lazuli | Lapis Jewelry

Why should you wear Lapiz Lazuli? Check out this guide to learn the benefits of wearing Lapiz Lazuli.

Lapis Lazuli Buying Guide: 7 Tips to Follow | Lapis Jewelry

So you're thinking of getting yourself some lapis accessories. Before you buy online, check out this lapis lazuli buying guide.

Blue Power: 7 Lapis Lazuli Uses That May Surprise You | Lapis Jewelry

What's so fascinating about lapis lazuli? Answer: It's got so many great uses. Read on to know the top lapis lazuli uses. Some of them may surprise you!

Lapis Lazuli Chakra Healing: Everything You Need to Know | Lapis Jewelry

The goal of chakra healing is to balance your chakras. Learn more about lapis lazuli chakra healing and what to do if you want to give it a try.

9 Lapis Lazuli Stone Facts That Will Have You Geeking Out | Lapis Jewelry

Specific gravity, luster, transparency, & more! This is where you get to indulge your geeky side as we talk about the most fascinating lapis lazuli stone facts.

What To Know Before Buying Lapis Jewelry | Lapis Jewelry

In general, many women love to have jewelry regarding the choice to opt for. If you decide that lapis jewelry can be the best choice for you, then start making

11 Best Buying Lapis Jewelry images in 2019

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