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Updated by Vlad Kuksenko on Aug 27, 2019
Headline for 2019 Favorite Wedding Color Palettes
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2019 Favorite Wedding Color Palettes

As wedding fashion has evolved, we’ve progressed from neon, bright, clashing colors to softer, gentler tones. Natural pairings, that include more colors in its group, rather than just two. Which in turn, gives way to much more flexibility for decoration, fabrics, and florals and results in a much more positive and pleasing overall outcome.


This combination of colors have always held a high place in wedding fashion. Higher-end weddings generally gravitate away from bright and neon, and toward the neutral and softer colors. This combination is versatile in that it allows room for natural wood of chairs, tables, and other wedding decorations. It encompasses a great variety of light, airy flowers that are generally popular for weddings. White and blush peonies. White hydrangea, for the bigger, fuller, floral installations, white and blush roses which combine with any florals beautifully. Gold details heighten the festive feeling. White and ivory tulle and table linens, all create clean, wide canvases that provide a lot of light and room to add details and elegance to any wedding. This combination has been the signature pallet for weddings time and time again because it stands through different trends and continues to be a classic.

Earth + Sky - Oak, Forest Green, Magenta

This combination is another popular one because it widens the options for pinks. You can go lighter and darker on the pink spectrum and it all compliments the deep green. The darker green comes mostly from greenery in the floral installations and bouquets. It brings the entire aesthetic down to a more earthy feel. And the oak, be it in the natural wood color of chairs, or other wedding decoration structures or signs, it lightens and elevated the weddings to a more elegant romantic feeling.

Trendy - Burnt Orange, Velvet, Red

These colors come from a shift towards the Bohemian look that has recently become very popular. Colors that look like they’ve been dyed by natural things that the earth provides. Colors that mimic the seasons. This color pallet often involves deep moody sunsets and tapestry of some kind hanging as decoration. The skulls of animals and driftwood create an artsy mood. Flowers include all the shades of dahlias and unique dried sticks and succulents.

Classic - Violet, Blue and Green

This combination speaks of elegance and class one. Think high-end garden parties and silk ribbons flying in the wind. These are lighter, somewhat pastel colors that create warmth in a wedding. The decor consists of blue or light purple table cloths, glass, and crystalline the tables. Violet bridesmaid dresses and blue, purple an green floral bouquets, tied with blue silk ribbon.

Modern - Champagne, Nude and Olive

This combination has been referred to as a color pallet that really, is absent of color. They are tones of beige and light green. The groomsmen wear beige tux’s, the bridesmaids wear ivory dresses. All white bouquets. Generally all heavy on the whites and ivory for this look. The olive color generally appears in subtle hints of greenery in beautiful eucalyptus and bay leaves. This has been a go-to option for the more higher-end, luxury weddings that have live classical music and formal dining.