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Top 05 Things to do in Xi'an - For a truly enjoyable trip!

Xi'an is a city in China that is a tourist hotspot and there are many reasons as to why. Here is a list of reasons that make it a beloved place among tourists.


Terracotta Warriors Museum

No trip to Xi'an will be complete without a visit to the Terracotta Warriors Museum. What can you find here? Well, you might have already come across a few pictures during your travel research. This site was actually found by a farmer who was trying to dig a well back in the year of 1974. Since then, it has been transformed into a museum where you'll be able to witness terracotta warriors. There are basically 3 pits you can explore and other exhibition halls showcasing horses and chariots. The museum is open from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM. Besides, if you are looking for apartments types in Citadines Gaoxin, Xi'an, you can check out properties like Citadines Gaoxin Xian, for accommodation.


Xian City Wall

Another popular tourist attraction in Xi'an is its City Wall which is actually the oldest and the biggest military defence system of the planet that survived. The city wall was reconstructed and enlarged back in the Ming Dynasty that lasted between 1368-1644 and was initially built during the Tang Dynasty that existed between 618 -907. today. The wall is twelve meters in height and twelve to fourteen meters wide that stretches for about fourteen kilometres. This is the best place to come to if you want an awesome panoramic of the city. Besides, you can choose to walk or even cycle along the wall. The place is open from 8 AM to 2 PM.


Xian Muslim Quarter and the Mosque

You can easily locate the Muslim Quarters behind the Drum Tower. This is a truly wonderful place that you must visit. The Great Mosque, boasting of ancient architecture, is also located here. Unlike, some mosques in the Arab world, this one is designed with traditional Chinese architecture. Most tourists also come for the bazaar and the local authentic street food which is exquisite.


Bell and Drum Towers

Chinese history has always showcased a bell and a drum tower, which was a trend set back in the Ming Dynasty. This bell used to be rung at dawn and dusk and provided a means by which the locals can tell time and also of any incoming dangers. You can still access these towers and have an aerial view of the Muslims Quarters and other panoramic views. It is truly breath-taking!


Big Goose Pagoda

This popular pagoda can be located at the Daci'en Temple which is a sacred place right at the centre of the modern and vibrant city, that is Xi'an. This place also highlights all the influences of culture and Buddhism in China. This is a very active temple, where you'll find monks working and chanting prayers. The place is open from 8 Am onwards and closes by 5:30 pm.