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Headline for Top 05 Dishes Everyone Should Try In Sri Lanka - Taste the delightful curries in Sri Lanka
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Top 05 Dishes Everyone Should Try In Sri Lanka - Taste the delightful curries in Sri Lanka

Rice and curry in Sri Lanka is the most delightful treat to indulge in while you are on the island and since it is the staple diet you will never have difficulty finding rice and curry anywhere in the island.


Batu Moju (Eggplant curry)

This is one of the most enjoyable curries in Sri Lanka. Each restaurant or street-side shop makes it differently so you will always find it extremely delightful. The eggplant is cut into long strips and then deep-fried. Then mixed with many different ingredients such as onions and tomatoes and mixed with many other spices in order to add the flavours to the eggplant. Then coconut milk is added to the curry and is allowed to simmer on a low flame for several minutes. Most resorts in Sri Lanka will have this curry in their rice and curry menu.


Jackfruit (Polos Kos)

The jackfruit is a large fruit that can be eaten in three different stages when the fruit is riping. The first stage is when the fruit is mildly ripe and the Polos curry is made. The polos curry can be made as polos Ambula which is a spicy curry full of flavour and the polos malluma which is a mix of small pieces of the jackfruit and scraped coconut friend together with other ingredients. By allowing the fruit to ripen a little more you can make the Kiri kos curry which is a sweet-tasting curry with a lot of coconut milk. The third stage is when the fruit is even riper and you can eat it without cooking or after cooking. This is called waraka and wela respectively. At Theme Resorts & Spas you get to indulge in a divine polos or kos curry, sometimes even both if you are fortunate.


Ala thel daala (Fried potatoes)

This is potato curry which is a very common curry that is coupled with rice and curry. The potatoes are cut into big pieces and then fried with onions and other spices until it turns a golden brown.


Aba pol Wattaka (Pumpkin curry)

This Pumpkin curry is very popular in the villages and cannot be found often in most restaurants even though it is a mouthwatering treat. The pumpkin is mixed with mustard and coconut and allowed to simmer and blend in order to bring out a great balance of flavours. This is not a curry that has a lot of gravy so it can be eaten with roti or string hoppers instead of rice.


Dhal Curry

The dhal curry is probably the most common curry you can come across in Sri Lanka. Every street food vendor who sells rice and curry, every restaurant that has rice and curry and most likely every single house-hold will have dhal in their meal at least once a day. The dhal preparation changes from kitchen to kitchen. There is one preparation which is made with gravy and it is not that spicy, there is another preparation which is made with no gravy and with garlic and oil. The most common preparation is the one with gravy which can be found in most places around Sri Lanka.