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Updated by Joanna James on Aug 27, 2019
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5 Reasons why Dubai Should be on Your Travel List- An eye-opening Arabian experience

Located in the eastern part of the Arabian Peninsula, Dubai is one among the seven other municipalities comprising the UAE and is eminent for its everlasting sunshine, fabulous coastline and immense deserts to begin with! Here are 5 more reasons why we think you must add Dubai to your travel list!


The infamous desert safari

If a desert safari never happened when in Dubai, the trip never happened! This is one of the most famous activities in Dubai and is a thrilling spike to the vacation of all visitors alike. It begins with an air-conditioned 4x4 ride into the desert where the entire journey over, you will be accompanied by a personal guide delivering to you the Emirati culture that runs way back. Later on, you shall have the privilege of a quad bike ride on the sand dunes. You could also choose to go for a more reserved camel ride in the desert as well/ As exciting as the activities in itself surely are, the highlight of this trip has got to be the coffee and date meal at the beginning of the sand dune ride or the barbecue dinner you could chose to top off your day with accompanied the whole time with the exotic belly dancers whirling their magic for your enjoyment!


The Burj Khalifa

You should probably not be surprised that Dubai would, of course, have some of the 'biggest' things in the entire wide world. This illustriously rich country has its roots in dire fortune and luxury, not to mention their incredible evolution to become a global hub within the past few decades. A standing (tall) legacy of such sorts is the 160-storied Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building. It resembles everything from incredible engineering skills to a masterpiece of art in itself. The views from the top are insanely good and the elevation itself could make you feel on top of the world and hence is a good reason why you would want to visit.


Dubai Spice Souk

The melting hot pot of culture that Dubai is does not lightly portray itself; especially in terms of how influenced their vibrant food culture is by the many other civilizations that have been and continue to be involved. The Dubai Spice Souk, even to date is a perfect resemblance of how the resounding history of trade in Dubai has managed to combine the city's potential as a trade hub with its culture. The Souk stocks up on dominating, rich spices of their cuisine such as cardamoms, saffron, cinnamon and even turmeric. If you are more of a Gold kind of a person, maybe pay a visit to the Gold Souk to get some unbelievable deals on jewellery.


The Shopping Experience

Sure, there is the old-school souk-shopping experience too, but never undermine the luxury experience of shopping in one of Dubai's fancy malls! As the name speaks for itself, the largest shopping mall in the world, the Dubai Mall, is located in Dubai and the experience of it will baffle you simply by the thought! Imagine over 1200 stores featuring some of the world's most renowned brands, over 200 different eateries, a towering aquarium, an ice rink, an indoor amusement park, a world-class light and sound synchronized fountain system all rolled into one? Now that's the experience of the Dubai Mall for you! A little less grandeur than the Dubai Mall, the Mall of Emirates is most famous for its world's largest indoor ski slope, the Ski Dubai complex. No matter which spot you chose to visit (or end up raking both), let's be thankful to the flock of Holiday Apartments Dubai in close proximity, for instance, Oaks Liwa Heights, for making the lives of you dedicated shoppers a delight!


Kite Beach

If you guessed that the beach is named after the fact that it's a Kite Surfer's paradise, well, you guessed right! Should this not be more your speed, there are plenty of other activities that could be of better appeal to you like other water sports activities, sunbathing, swimming, and not to forget the bazillion food trucks and cafes.

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