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5 Places to Visit in Bodhgaya- for the spiritual traveler in you!

Bodhgaya is a sacred city to the devotees of Buddhism what with it being closely associated with the life story of Lord Buddha. Often swamped with devotees visiting the monuments of this ancient city means that prioritizing is mandatory. Here is a list of 5 places you cannot miss when in Bodhgaya.


Sujata Garh

Sujata Garh is a brick stupa constructed to commemorate the residence of 'Sujata Devi', a patron lady of Lord Buddha, who served a meal of milk and rice as he was coming out of his torturous journey of self-realization and attempting to attain enlightenment. It was initially discovered during excavations by the archaeological survey of India during 1973-74. It appears to have been constructed in three phases between the Gupta and Pala periods. The fact that many of the antiquities found within the site during excavations are currently displayed at the Bodhgaya Museum doesn't mean the site itself is one that can be ignored. The availability of numerous hotel deals in Bodhgaya means that you can ease your mind of the complication of logistics and you would be relieved that hotels like Oaks Bodhgaya are located as close as could be to many attractions that Bodhgaya has to offer, including Sujata Garh.


Bodhgaya Museum

This is yet another key attraction in the sacred city of Bodhgaya and it houses a marvelous collection of priceless antiquities some of which are believed to date up to the early medieval periods (6th – 7th century). Some of the artifacts in-house are sculptured marvels representing themes from Jataka stories, life-events of Lord Buddha, zodiac signs, folk scenes and the like.


Mahabodhi Temple

It would be justifiable to say that the Mahabodhi temple is one of the prime attractions of this sacred city and is famous for its massive glided statue of Lord Buddha. The temple's peak goes as high as 180ft high with its magnificent studded peak. The temple is a brilliant demonstration of ancient Hindu architecture, with stone walls put up during the times of Ashoka. A popular belief that prevails is that the temple was built during the Sungas period dating as far back as 184 to 172 BC. Whichever tale in history may be true about this magnificent monument, it is worthy a visit and appreciation for its intricate design and outstanding ambience.


Bodh Gaya Tree

As per the life story of Lord Buddha, it is said that only seated under a magnificent Bo tree that Lord Buddha conquered his goal of attaining spiritual wisdom by denouncing worldly pleasures. The present Bo tree in place in Bodhgaya is said to be a sapling of this original tree and is venerated by the Buddhist patrons for being a significant part of Lord Buddhas path to enlightenment.


Metta Buddharam Temple

This is a much newer Buddhist Temple that has been built in Bodhgaya and is certainly one to visit for its unique blend of modernity, creativity and culture that it depicts. Of course, in addition to the peaceful feel of the temple, the sound of its many numerous chiming bells making up a symphony of melodies is one that sets your mind back in peace.

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