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5 Reasons to Visit Beirut - Top 5 Reasons Why Beirut Should Be Your Next Holiday Destination

While it may be an unconventional choice, holidaying in Beirut is a must for all globetrotters with a taste for the exotic. Here are five reasons why the city is worth a visit.


1. The Historic Legacy

As one a city with a rich history, Beirut's unmistakable legacy as one of the most progressive cities in the ancient world makes it well worth a visit. Often described by history buffs as a living museum the countless wars, conflicts and a resplendent golden era that has shaped the city is still visible in its iconic landmarks and other points of interest which hark back to different periods of Beirut's tumultuous legacy as Lebanon's capital. Visitors can not only marvel at the relics of the past at Martyr's Square but also the many artefacts lining the illustrious National Museum of Beirut.


2. The Local Culture

In spite of the political and economic turmoil that has been at the centre of the city's history, the local culture of the citizens occupying the capital is as vibrant as ever. Not only is Beirut home to some of the country's top museums and galleries but academics as well as venues such as the American University of Beirut. Having served as the inspiration and birthplace of many a celebrated author and artist, the liberal and free attitude of the local populace is reflected in its culture more than any other aspect.


3. The Events

If there's one thing Beirut is renowned for it is its energetic nightlife scene and parties. There's nothing quite like a party in Beirut to kick start the New Year or the holiday season as the city dwellers are experts in creating a warm and vibrant atmosphere at these daily gatherings at pubs, nightclubs, family homes and neighbourhoods. Dancing and revelry is a big part of celebrations and everyday life in Beirut so experiencing the city's reputation as a party central is another great reason to head down to Beirut.


4. The Cuisine

Lebanese fare is revered around the globe for its delicate mix of flavours and there's no better location to sample the authentic dishes that make up this popular culinary cannon than in Beirut. Sample the country's best traditional dishes in fine dining restaurants which serve tabbouleh and hummus and other local favourites while digging into the many street food varieties up for grabs across the city. Some of the best food districts in Beirut include Em Sherif, Zeitounay Bay and Babel where top restaurants and many a café in Beirut are found so visitors based at Oaks Beirut and similar hotels will have easy access to the eateries.


The Retail Opportunities

The shopping hotspots are another great reason to vacation in Beirut as the city is a fashionista's dream destination. High-end brands and designer wear are not only staples here but must-explore retail Meccas for the masses. Shop till you drop in ABC or Le Mall and find everything from Chanel to Andrea Wazen during one shopping spree. Tax-free shopping is another Beirut speciality that makes shopping in the city a true treat for tourists as consumer goods that would cost twice as much elsewhere is available at tax-free rates here.

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