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Eldorado West Senior Living

In our warm and secure Assisted Living Facility in Little Elm, Texas, your senior loved ones can enjoy and make the most out of their lives while maximizing their independence. They will be well-assisted at all hours of every day without compromising their individuality. Surrounded by nature and compassionate, friendly staff, they will feel like they are in the comfort of their own homes.

Comfortable Living for Our Beloved Seniors

While at-home care holds many health benefits for our beloved seniors, our Assisted Living Facility in Little Elm, Texas can also be a great alternative for them. With us, your loved one will be able to live independently while being under the watchful eye of experienced and capable caregivers who will always be ready to assist when needed.

The Benefits of Residential Care for the Elderly

An assisted living facility in Little Elm, Texas is a good way of letting your elderly loved one live an independent yet comfortable life under the supervision of skilled caregivers. This way, they can enjoy their golden years doing their favorite hobbies and spending more time relaxing in comfortable environments free of the unnecessary frustrations of the outside world.

To Our Beloved Caregivers: Tips to Avoid Burnout

Caring for others is as rewarding as it is stressful. There may even be days when you feel like giving up. Don’t stress too much. Your caring friends in EldoradoWest Senior Living are here to look out for you.

Assisted Living and How to Convince Your Elderly

As most of us may agree, aging is quite scary. The thought of not being able to fend for yourself and being a burden to your loved ones can fill anyone with dread. This is why you must be kind and patient when you are opening up a topic as heavy as moving into a senior home.

Tips for Our Caregivers: Haircare Edition

Haircare for seniors may seem unnecessary, given that they may have many other health issues that are present and should be prioritized, but caring for their hair can help with any individual’s dignity and self-esteem, especially for seniors under Hospice Service.

Cases of Malnutrition Among Older Adults

Malnutrition happens when our bodies do not get enough nutrients from the food we eat. These nutrients include fats, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. Nutrients give your body energy, they help grow and repair tissue, and even regulate bodily functions such as breathing and the beating of your heart.

Malnutrition in Elderly: How We Can Help

Malnutrition in the elderly population is an important area of concern that EldoradoWest Senior Living is striving to reduce. This issue contributes to a progressive decline in health, increased utilization of healthcare services, premature institutionalization, and increased mortality.

Delicious and Healthy Meals for Seniors

Eating a well-balanced diet is an important part of staying healthy as you age. Consuming the right food can help you maintain a healthy weight, stay energized throughout the day, and ensure that your body is getting the right nutrients it needs to fight against bacteria, and viruses.
Eating healthy also helps in lowering your risk of developing chronic health conditions, such as diabetes and most cancers.

The Comprehensive Care Approach

The founders of EldoradoWest Senior Living are professionals whose extensive background in health care made helped create a welcoming Assisted Living Facility in Little Elm, Texas.

As your preferred Residential Care Home in Texas, we are accountable for your loved one's physical and mental care needs. Our team is dedicated to improving our patients’ lives through a comprehensive care plan.