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Tourist Places

The Harbour at Night is Victorias Secret, on Southern Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

TravelGuru: Tourist Places

The Harbour at Night is Victorias Secret, on Southern Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Quite busy during the day, the Victoria Harbour is Victorias Secret at night. Most beautiful in spring and fall when there are not a lot of people around.Travelguru

TravelGuru: Germany Tourism

Germany is a land of many variations of German culture and steeped in centuries old history. Elaborate and historic buildings such as Castles and Monasteries are common place in Germany.Travelguru

TravelGuru: Italy Tourism

Italy as everyone knows it is the shape of a boot and is known in Europe as the place that has it all.

Surrounded by beautiful azure colored bodies of water and beaches that extend for miles along the coastline you will find a land of romance where dreams come true, just take the famous city of Venice or the Tuscany region for exampleTravelguru

TravelGuru: Las Vegas Tourism

Las Vegas, otherwise known as Sin City, is one of the most popular holiday destinations in North American and people flock there from all over the world to see the lights, the shows, the grand hotels and experience the city in the desert that never sleeps. One of the best times to visit Las Vegas is before the peak summer months, when it is so hot that it may be uncomfortable to go outside. It is in the middle of a desert after allTravelguru

TravelGuru: Spain Tourism

Flamenco dancing, lavish and colourful festivals, tapas bars, and bull fighting are just some of the familiar images of Spain. The climate and landscape is as diverse as its culture and languages, from snow capped peaks in the Pyrenees to the sun drenched orange groves of Valencia.Travelguru

TravelGuru: Alaska Tourism

Alaska is one of my favourite places for a vacation and for photography, it offers a diverse range of activities for travelers including adventure travel, wildlife tours, glacier tours, kayaking, photography and much more. Alaska is also a premier cruise destination, and there is a wide variety of shore excursions available for Alaska cruise passengers who visit this area on their vacationsTravelguru

TravelGuru: New Zealand Tourism

New Zealand is a country full of grand nature, scenery, lush landscapes, culture, animals and many other attractions. The New Zealand pictures found here are an illustration showing the beauty of Aotearoa - New Zealand.Travelguru

TravelGuru: USA Tourism

Impossible to sum up the whole of the United States in just one picture, or even a hundred, but here are a selection of shots as varied as the states themselves. From rain forests of Washington State to Saguaro and Claret Cup cactuses growing in Southern deserts, take a look at some other prizes of the natural world in America.Travelguru

TravelGuru: Canada Tourism

The second largest country in the world, Canada occupies a generous portion of North America. Divided into ten provinces and three territories, Canada stretches from the Pacific Ocean in the west to the Atlantic Ocean in the east, and borders the Arctic Ocean to the north.Travelguru