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Thugoji pagoji foods

Thugoji Pagoji Foods presents online sweets, hots, pickles, non-veg pickels from respective area.

Sweets, hot foods, snacks, pickles and non-veg pickles

Thugoji pagoji foods offers Sweets, hots(snacks), Pickles and non-veg pickles includes a wide selection of products and services to cater to the various needs of consumers. The employees at thugoji pagoji foods services are courteous and prompt at providing any help. They readily answer any queries or questions that you simply might have. Get the product or service with ease by using any of the available modes of payment, like cash, Debit Cards. For more details contact us at

Thugoji Pagoji Foods sweets, snacks, hot foods, pickles and non-veg pickles.

Thugoji Pagoji Foods is one-stop destination for your food specialities. We tend to take great pride in presenting an impressive range of exquisite sweets, snacks, pickles, non-veg pickles, and much more. Whether its halwa, Pootharekulu, Kaja, jangirilu, Ariselu, Sunnundalu, or Mysore pak, the country’s tasty treats are all on Thugoji Pagoji Foods. We are committed to delivering pure goodness and celebrating a long-lasting relationship with our customers.

Thugoji Pagoji Foods sweets, hot foods, pickles and non-veg pickles

Buy Sweets, Snacks, Pickles and non-veg Pickles online at We, at Thugoji Pagoji Foods, like to delight our customers with our sweets, savouries and delicacies. You can open thugoji pagoji foods website. Find out your favourite tasty delicacy from the seller that is famous for making it the best, book it. You’ll have the dish delivered to your table in a specific amount of time. Visit our blog often as we update you with delicious sweets, snacks, hot foods, pickles and non-veg pickles.

Putharekulu (sugar) - Thugoji Pagoji Foods Online

Sugar Putharekulu from atreyapuram, Thugoji Pagoji Foods is well-liked Sweets. Send Sugar Putharekulu as gift on varied festival occasions. Once you bite it, this sweet melts in your mouth leaving a sweet after sensation and a wonderful feeling. A famous sweet from atreyapuram, East Godavari, India. At Thugoji Pagoji Foods we tend to needed to deliver the taste of this excellent sweet to your door step and you can purchase best pootharekulu online from Thugoji Pagoji Foods.

Gongura Pickle - Thugoji Pagoji Foods Online

Gongura could be a home name within the cooking tradition of Andhra Pradesh. It’s the vanguard product of Lakshmi’s Andhra Pickles - the standard House of Andhra Pickles. It finds varied references in Ayurveda. Sorrel is incredibly wealthy source of vitamins (such as A, C, B9) that are essential nutrients for good health. Act and relish the real and delicious taste of tradition. Thugoji Pagoji Foods offers a variety of veg pickles and non-veg pickles along with sweets, snacks, hot foods and much more. Visit Thugoji Pagoji Foods for more food items.

Thugoji Pagoji Foods order sweets, snacks, pickles and hot foods online.

Thugoji Pagoji Foods bring back you a set of carefully selected sweets, snacks, pickles and hot foods of India. In our passionate search to supply food that's distinctive and packed with flavour, we've ensured you get only the simplest and most famed brands. Our brands are well-loved for their quality and have nice stories that we have captured on our page. Thugoji Pagoji Foods have curated fine Indian food products and food ingredients across categories - sweets, snacks, snacks, pickles and non-veg pickles. For more details contact us.

Badusha - Thugoji Pagoji Foods Online

Badusha / Badhusha is an Indian Sweet that features a flaky and soft layered texture from inside with delicate sweetness. A lip smacking sweet one can fall loving with. The key of obtaining flaky, layered badusha lies in slow deep cooking in low flame. Fancy Badusha and other Delights sweets from Thugoji Pagoji Foods. Some of our sweet includes Besan Laddu, Bikaneri Burfi, Desi Malai, Pootharekulu and much more. Visit Thugoji Pagoji Foods to order your favorite sweets, snacks and pickles.

Chicken Pickle - Thugoji Pagoji Foods Online

Thugoji Pagoji Foods brings you the renowned Chicken Pickle. This pickle brings you chicken in an exceedingly special spice mix which is able to have your taste buds tingling long when your meal is over. This pickle goes well with rice, dosas and parathas. Order pickles online from Thugoji Pagoji Foods and treat your taste buds to the best of Indian pickles. A place where you can notice the best pickles, sweets and snack food items online!

Tomato Pickle - Thugoji Pagoji Foods Online

Order Tomato Pickle online with Thugoji Pagoji Foods and receive it at the doorstep so you'll be able to taste and not miss to mention – WOW. You can get pleasant-tasting and healthy style tomato pickle online from Thugoji Pagoji Foods. Our pickles are far better in quality and taste to commercial pickles stuffed with preservative chemicals for extended storage life. Our customers say Thugoji Pagoji Foods taste better than any other pickles that are available in the market. Buy any pickle, sweets and snacks food items from Thugoji Pagoji Foods online store.

Buy Sweet Food, Hot Food Like Pootharekulu, Kaja, jangirilu, Ariselu, Sunnundalu Online - Thugoji Pagoji Foods Online

Thugoji Pagoji Foods believe that nothing can beat the style once something is created with utmost care and love. The delicacy, richness and style of Pootharekulu stay a similar because it was within the golden ages. The major ingredient for Pootharekulu is rice. The rice from which the Pootharekulu is formed is sourced from the house grown paddy fields of Atreyapuram, within the banks of river Godavari, Andhra Pradesh. The wonder of Pootharekulu lies within the distinctive means of making.
Thugoji Pagoji Foods offers Atreyapuram Pootharekulu online with different varieties like Dryfruits Putharekulu, Jaggery Putharekulu, Jaggery Dry fruits Putharekulu and many more. All ingredients are quality-checked before sourcing. Made with love, goodness and care, is your license to indulge.

Tapeswaram Madata Kaja - Thugoji Pagoji Foods Online

Tapeswaram, the name that's renowned to everyone reminds the delicious andhra made sweet “Tapeswaram Kaja”. It’s known for its style that appearance as rolled mat looking in light brown color from outside and wheat color inside between that the juice slides from. It makes everybody say, “What a taste”, be it young kids or adults, it binds people towards it with its final taste.
Thugoji Pagoji Foods provide the cleanest sweets, snacks and pickles online with very best quality product created using the foremost modern technology to suit the modern taste. Thugoji Pagoji Foods use prime quality raw ingredients to arrange these online sweets.

Crabs Pickle - Thugoji Pagoji Foods Online

Crab pickle brings own special taste to pickle, creating it a lot of fragrant and attractive. However, the classical recipe, that was prepared in Bhimavaram, contains fresh and healthful ingredients. The taste of becoming a habit, where the hands stretch again, colours the table fashionably and healthily. Buy Pickles online from Thugoji Pagoji Foods at reasonable price.
Thugoji Pagoji Foods bring you a large range of sweets, snacks and pickle online.

Fish Pickle (Normal) - Thugoji Pagoji Foods Online

Fish Pickle is one among several precious recipes from Bhimavaram. It will be served as a dish for rice and chapattis. If you crave fish on your menu daily, this can be the perfect selection. Thugoji Pagoji Foods fish pickle delivers this classic recipe from Bhimavaram that’s replete with fiery spices and therefore the flavours of the fish.
There is no need to explain how tasty a fish pickle, order fish pickle online from Thugoji Pagoji Foods and Treat your taste buds to the best of South Indian pickles. Thugoji Pagoji Foods offers sweets, snacks and pickles online.

thugojipagojifoods - Boneless chicken pickle from Thugoji Pagoji Foods is spicy, juicy and delicious, all at a simila...

Boneless chicken pickle from Thugoji Pagoji Foods is spicy, juicy and delicious, all at a similar time. Chicken pickle is the ultimate dish for any main dish and brings the flavors to a full circle.
Chicken pickle boneless also comes with an extended time period of 1 month, providing you with an entire lot of time to devour this pickle little by little.

Mutton Pickle - Thugoji Pagoji Foods Online

Mutton is made supply of protein, Iron, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Magnesium, Ca and vitamin B. For those that keep one's distance from home or cannot cook meat a day, Mutton pickle are often a tremendous choice to have on your kitchen shelf. Meat may be a primary supply of vitamin B and also the majority of population suffers from a deficiency of this vitamin. Few pieces of meat every day or a minimum of once during a while will look out of your daily demand. Thugoji Pagoji Foods offers variants of veg and non-veg pickles online, buy Mutton pickle online from

Atukula Mixture (Poha) - Thugoji Pagoji Foods Online

Atukula Mixture recipe is created using poha, khara sev, boondi, groundnuts and curry leaves, this snack is ideal to relinquish together with your hot masala chai or serve it to your guests visiting you throughout festivals. Atukula Mixture goes all right as tea time snacks. Buy Atukula Mixture online from

Besan Laddu - Thugoji Pagoji Foods Online

A rich and delicious Besan laddu is made using simple ingredients like gram flour and sugar that mixed along using water and made into rounded balls. Get this superb sweet online from the Thugoji Pagoji Foods to create any festivals occasion an everlasting one. Thugoji Pagoji Foods deliver the Besan laddu from Rajahmundry across India.
Enjoy your Occasions by sending tasteful Besan laddu online. We tend to parcel it superb and gift to your dear ones.

Ghee Bobbatlu - Thugoji Pagoji Foods Online

Bobbatlu is a classic traditional festival sweet in India. it's primarily a flat bread filled with a sweet lentil filling known as poornam, that is formed from split bengal gram and jaggery or sugar. It popular with different names in several parts of the country and goes by the name Puran poli, Holige, Obbattu, poli, boli, bakshalu and Puranachi poli!
Buy Bobbatlu online from where you can get Andhra style taste of sweets with Premium Quality ingredients sourced from villages.

Ghee Soan Papdi - Thugoji Pagoji Foods Online

Thugoji Pagoji foods brings you the delicious Soan Papdi. A flaky North Indian dessert which is made of gramflour and served in cubes. This treat is great for special occasions but you will love having this at home for a post meal sweets treat as well. Flaky and crunchy but with a lovely melt in your mouth texture, this is sure to be a great hit with all at home.
Soan papdi – also called patisha, son papri, or soan papdi – is a popular Indian dessert. It is cube-shaped and delightfully crispy. Prepared using wheat flour, gram flour, ghee, and sugar, Ghee Soan Papdi is garnished with nuts to give you a delicious bite.

Rajahmundry Palkova - Thugoji Pagoji Foods Online

Palkova could be a Delicious sweet made up of Milk and Sugar. It’s ready by pouring milk within the span and condensing it by boiling on a slow fire, to that sugar is added towards the end. The recent and good quality Palkova is famous in Rajahmundry.
Rajahmundry Palkova could be a dream sweet for many people, order Palkova online sweets from and revel in the break of Native taste boundaries and takes this mouth-watering product to the reach of individuals anywhere.

Dryfruits Putharekulu (Jaggery) - Thugoji Pagoji Foods Online

Pootharekulu is known to have originated from Atreyapuram, a village within the East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh. It’s a wafer-like sweet with a papery consistency. Dry Fruit Bellam Pootharekulu may be a sheet made up of rice flour, coated with sugar, jaggery and drawn butter. Often, it's also created into a roll and filled with dry fruits. No wonder, it was once a food of the royalty within the ancient days, and had been quite exclusive because of its intricate technique of making!
Even today, the making of Atreyapuram pootharekulu is an art that not all can master. Fortunately for you, at we know just how to craft the proper papery goodness for the pleasure of your palate!

Dryfruits Putharekulu (Sugar) - Thugoji Pagoji Foods Online

Pootarekulu also spelled as putharekulu which will be ordered online from Thugoji Pagoji Foods are created using authentic methods, premium quality ingredients. One can purchase Atreyapuram dry fruit Pootharekulu online from that produces a wonderful dessert which will be served on a big day like weddings, anniversaries, birthdays or simply gift them to some to offer them a taste and flavour of Andhra. Order online Atreyapuram Pootharekulu from

Putharekulu (jaggery) - Thugoji Pagoji Foods Online

Bellam Pootharekulu may be a variation of Pootharekulu (made with sugar), that may be a renowned coastal Andhra sweet created with thin flaky sheets of paper created with rice flour. Here, soft jaggery is either grated or mashed and doubled into these paper sheets.
The Pootharekulu claims the origin from the Atreyapuram within the East Godavari district within the state of Andhra. Order Atreyapuram Pootharekulu online from

Badusha - Thugoji Pagoji Foods Online

Badusha is without doubt the sweet for all seasons and ages! In truth, the majority contemplate Badusha to be the sweet of the royals. Ergo, if you would like to want a royal, we tend to powerfully recommend that you simply order a box of ghee Badusha online from Created with maida, sugar and much of ghee, the manufacturers of Badusha sweets from Thugoji Pagoji foods have reworked the easy ingredients into one thing filled with flavour!

Halwa (Red) - Thugoji Pagoji Foods Online

Halwa is one in every of the foremost renowned Indian Sweet offered at The foremost celebrated sweet search in southern India. We offer our doorstep delivery of known Halwa anywhere across India. Get Halwa online at In addition to Halwa, our Indian Customers may notice other kinds of Halwa online take a glance at our website that showcases our sweets, snacks and pickles varieties.