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Facts You Might Not Know About Maldives - Titbits of knowledge

Being one of the most popular travel destinations on earth, there are not many things that people do not know about the Maldives. Here are some fun facts for you.


The underwater cabinet meeting

It might sound like a joke but this actually happened. The Maldives is the first and only country in the world to hold an underwater cabinet meeting. This does make more sense as the Maldives does have more water than land. The members who had to attend this meeting had to wear the complete scuba diving suits and needless to say, the photographs taken at this meeting are iconic.


The whole country was established by an Indian Prince

The Maldivian history is filled with fun facts but most people do not know that this nation was actually founded by an exiled Prince who was chased away from India. King Kalinga who was ruling a part of India at that time did not like his own son and, therefore, kicked him out of the country. This son ended up in the Maldives and like father, created his own Kingdom here.


An archipelago that is home to 1000 islands

If you want to know the exact number of islands in the Maldives, it is 1190. These islands are then grouped into 20 major atolls. Since almost all of these islands were created naturally this is quite an astonishing miracle indeed. Some of these islands have people living on them while others have no trace of mankind on it. Many a Maldives luxury resort found on these private islands the likes of Kandolhu Maldives is, therefore, an amazing private space to have a romantic vacation at. You will be able to enjoy a completely unspoiled nature while you are pampered at these hotels with the utmost luxury.


The Maldives has the record for being the lowest and the flattest country on Earth

Apart from its beauty Maldives also has an exciting geography fun fact. This island nation is the flattest land In the world and it is also the lowest country in the world. This means that the Maldives is the closest country to the oceans with a very low land height. Almost every corner you turn to in the Maldives will result in you looking at the water. The disadvantage of this is that over time most of the islands will go underwater as the icebergs keep melting.


Alcohol prohibitions

Of all the holiday destinations in the world, the Maldives is probably the only country that still has a strict no-alcohol rule. This is no surprise as it is a Muslim country after all. However, the great news is that the island hotels have their own share of alcoholic beverages for you to drink. As a tourist, you have no restriction in consuming liquor while you stay within the hotel areas. Make sure you do not carry the alcohol outside of the resort premises or consume it while out and about in public.