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Mobility Construction

We have over 20 years of experience serving NJ and offer dependable service to families with disabilities and elderly wanting to live in the comforts of their own home. Our team of contractors are dedicated to quality customer service and will take care of all of your home remodeling needs from start to finish.

How to Find Affordable and Reliable Home Modification

Home modification for disabled individuals needs the expertise to ensure the reliability of the structure. Hence, it is necessary to find a dependable contractor with cost-effective construction solutions.

How to Retrofit Your Bathroom for a Disabled Loved One

If your family member becomes impaired due to an accident, illness, or age-related problems, renovating your home, especially your bathroom, is like spending a fortune. It is wise to know what it takes to do a home modification for disabled people.

Use the Advantage of Installing a Wheelchair Ramp

Anyone who has a physical disability deserves complete freedom as they move in and around their homes. However, not all homes have built-in access for them. As a loved one, you must look for a cost-effective and practical solution, like a home modification for disabled homeowners to improve mobility for your family member, who has a physical impairment.

Home Remodeling for High Life Quality

As your loved ones enter their senior years, they may begin to use wheelchairs to get around their home. However, not all homes are safe to live in if you have a physical disability or mobility impairment, especially if it doesn’t have a home modification for disabled homeowners.

Turn Kitchen Obstacle to Accessible 

One of the most significant rooms of the house is the kitchen. A lot of homeowners choose to remodel their kitchen. For instance, they install a kitchen island to make it more guest-friendly. Nowadays, the home kitchen has become a multifunctional room where members of the household make use of the place to prepare meals, drink coffee, eat snacks, and even hangout.

Modifying a Two-Story House for Disabled Homeowners

A two-story house is beneficial for most people. However, that may not always be the case for those who are living in wheelchairs. People with a physical disability probably consider the stairs as their nemesis. Unfortunately, it can be challenging for them to go up and down the stairs unless there is a home modification for disabled homeowners.

Recognizing a Trusted Mobility Contactor

Let’s say your loved ones have an injury or illness and they need to be in a wheelchair for mobility purposes, however, your home is not ready for such an incident. What will you do? Whenever your loved ones need to use a wheelchair, the first thing you need to consider is finding the right Ramps in Freehold, New Jersey. When taking care of injured or sick individuals, it is important to provide them with quality care, such as making the Handicap Accessibility in New Jersey a priority.

Renovation 101: Benefits of Wheelchair Accessible Home

Traditional home builders don’t usually always consider the needs of wheelchair users during design and construction. However, for families who have loved ones with disabilities or illnesses, not having a wheelchair accessible home can be exhausting. That is why Ramps in Freehold, New Jersey are needed to ensure individuals who have difficulties with their movement can easily accomplish their day-to-day activities.

Ways to Promote Safety in the Bathroom

While the bathroom is known as a place of comfort and privacy, it also has a reputation of being the room with dangerous hazards, especially for individuals with limited mobility, low mobility, and cognitive impairment. These individuals have a higher risk of injury from a fall or slip while in the bathroom. Therefore, if your loved ones have a disability, then you need to ensure their safety in this particular room.

Outdoor Modifications for Your Home

When you are living with a loved one who has a disability, ensuring your home is safe and accessible should be a top priority. This does not just mean the rooms inside—after all, a home is more than what is inside. You also need to make sure your backyard is just as accessible as the rest of your home when planning home modification for disabled.

Enjoying Indoor and Outdoor Accessibility

Many senior adults start to use wheelchairs because of age-related concerns. As a result, this hinders them to move around their home because of limited accessibility. Besides that, they become hesitant to go outside, especially when it would require them to get past the stairs.

Modifications for Your House Doors Is a Must

Home residents who are using wheelchairs to get around their houses sometimes have to reach out uncomfortably to lock their doors for their security and privacy. Other times, they ask someone else to do it for them, especially when the built-in doorknobs or locks are far from their reach. But what if there is no one available to request assistance from?

COVID-19 Prevention Tips for Seniors

Older individuals aged 65 years and above have a higher risk of developing COVID-19, based on data from the CDC. This risk is even more pronounced if these seniors have underlying medical conditions, such as diabetes, serious heart conditions, or chronic lung disease.

How to Help Seniors with Social Distancing

As people considered high risk for COVID-19, seniors must be extra cautious in protecting themselves. This means adapting to a new normal—social distancing.

What Is a Friendly, Open Space?

Although disability is an evolving term, it generally refers to any physical or mental condition that makes it more difficult for differently-abled persons to accomplish daily tasks and interact with their environment. In the United States, there are roughly 61 million adults that live with a disability with 13.7% of differently-abled people having difficulty walking or climbing stairs. Consequently, handicap accessibility in New Jersey and the rest of the country is essential to create friendly, open spaces for individuals with disabilities.

Advantages of Creating a Friendly Space for Disabled Children

Child-friendly spaces are created to support and facilitate the inclusion of differently-abled kids in an environment that caters to the needs of all children. Considering that 1 in 5 children in the US have special healthcare needs and roughly 1.3 million teens have a disability, friendly spaces benefit them in several ways.

Modifying Your Home for Children in Wheelchairs

When your child has a disability, it’s important to make the necessary modifications at home to make day-to-day tasks much easier and help them feel comfortable and safe. Luckily, wheelchair accessible homes are easier to achieve through the assistance of businesses like Mobility Construction that offer home remodeling services to meet your child’s special needs.

How to Modify Your Home for a Visually Impaired Child

When you have a visually impaired child, modifying your home to fit their needs can help improve their quality of life. Through home modification for disabled children, such as those with visual impairments, you ensure a safe, comfortable, and accessible living space. Likewise, here are ways you can modify your home for a visually impaired child:

Modifying Your Space for Children with Sensory Concerns - Mobility Construction

Children who have sensory processing challenges may have a hard time handling sensory information, leading to confusion and frustration. That’s why without any home modifications, they could exhibit resistance to change and have trouble focusing.

Make Your Home Accessible to Children with Autism

If you have a child with autism, Mobility Construction can help you ensure your child’s safety and comfort by modifying your homes to make it more accessible for them. But there are many ways you can modify your home by yourself.

Discover the Key Features of a Fully Accessible Home

Living with a disability changes our daily routines and the way we live at home. When living with a disability, the home can be a challenging place to navigate. By undergoing a thorough home modification for disabled individuals, you create a fully accessible space that ensures comfort and safety.

Learn the Benefits of Installing a Wheelchair Ramp at Home

Installing ramps in Freehold, New Jersey enables individuals with disabilities to move in and out freely at home. They not only ensure safety but also provide a cost-effective and practical solution to enhance their quality of life.