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Updated by Joanna James on Jul 13, 2023
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List of things to do in The Maldives - A unique approach to a beach vacation

It is no news that the Maldives is one of the most fun and beautiful beach vacation destinations on Earth. Here are a few things you definitely must do when holidaying on the island.


Take yourself on a submarine ride

A submarine ride will definitely be an interesting story to tell of your vacation once your back home. Unlike popular belief, a submarine ride is an extremely safe underwater activity to partake in. As you slice through the water inside this vessel you will be able to see turtles, line fish, whales, and various other kinds of marine life. You will be offered plenty of food and oxygen to survive in while underwater. In case of an emergency the submarine always stock to last up to 4 days, therefore, you have no need to worry about your safety at all. This activity is definitely a one of a kind experiences that you must go on.


Learn to cook the local dishes

It is always a fun prospect to learn how to cook an authentic dish while you are on a vacation in a foreign country. Every vacation is filled with memories and as they say, certain tastes and smells can bring back memories too. If you learn how to make some of the popular dishes on this island you can always feel like you are on a vacation then you cook this dish back home in your kitchen.


Have a picnic on the Beach

Sitting on the beach and watching the waves while the wind whistles through your hair are things that would relax and bring a smile upon anyone's face within an instant. No beach holiday is complete without a picnic by the waves. If you are staying at one of the luxury Maldives resorts the likes of Baros Maldives, ask the staff to pack you a picnic basket that is filled with chilled bottles of drinks, sandwiches, cheese, biscuits, and other snacks.


Go whale watching

Whale watching is an exciting trip to embark on. With more than 20 species calling the Maldives it's home you have high chances of seeing at least a few of the kind. A yacht or a smaller boat usually carries the passengers to a deeper part of the seas to take a look at the dolphins and whales who will be going about their day. Make sure you time your trip during the summer so you avoid the monsoon and the rainy season which might make the waters a bit unclear to look into.


Take a trip in a glass-bottomed boat

The Maldives is known for having shallow waters that are clear enough to make you see until the seabed in some places. Just like snorkelling, travelling in a glass-bottomed boat is also a much-loved activity here. For a change of scenery and if you are tired of always being in the water you could try this unique approach to looking underwater. Apart from being able to see coral reef and various kinds of fish if you are lucky you will also be able to see some unique sightings.

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