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5 Things to Do in Kowloon at Night - After the sunset

Kowloon is quite a big city to explore during a short holiday, especially after sunset. To know of the best things to get up to at night, read on.


Check out the Symphony of lights at the Victoria Harbour

This activity is definitely as glamorous as it sounds. If you are put up at one of the Tsim Sha Tsui hotels that are close to the Harbour the likes of Travelodge Kowloon, take a walk to the Victoria Harbour after sunset. The view from the dock is even better during the dark as you will see all the city's major buildings shining and glimmering in the black sky. Symphony of Lights is one of Hong-Kong's most popular nightly events. Make sure you check the date and book or plan your trip accordingly if you want to catch this event.


Visit the Avenue of stars

Exactly as it sounds, this Avenue of stars can be found in the garden of stars and is somewhat similar to the walk of fame that can be found in Hollywood. The garden of stars used to be in a different place before and has now been temporarily relocated here. The city went under a huge renovation project recently and therefore these changes were made. You will be able to see a number of actors; their handprints in one part of the garden, and as you walk on you will be able to enjoy the mural that is created with references from classic movie scenes.


Sharpen your bargaining skills at the night markets

The temple street is one of the most popular night markets to be found in this part of Hong-Kong. Founded in the early 1920s when sellers used to get together at the entrance of the temple to sell their products and goods to the people who visit the temples, this ritual grew on to become the night market it is today. Location is now obviously not right in front of the temple and as a tourist when you visit the night market you would not even realize there is a temple in the area. You will be able to find everything from cheap clothing to bags, watches, and electronics. Most of the products have the prices tagged on to them but that does not mean you cannot haggle. After you are done with shopping for the day you can stop by at one of the stalls in the night market and try local snacks.


Souvenir hunting down Nathan road

Nathan road is known for its family-owned independent shops that sell some of the best Hong-Kong souvenirs and novelty items. Most of these shops are tiny in size and they are usually open until late evenings.


Visit the museums

Though Kowloon is known to be one of the luxury parts of the area you will also find the standard tourist attractions here. Make sure you check out the Hong-Kong museum of art, the Hong-Kong cultural centre, the railway clock tower, and the Hong-Kong museum of history.