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Fun Things to Do in Penang On Your First Trip - Make the first your best!

Malaysia is a much-loved travel destination for people from all over the world and Penang is no different. If you are a first time visitor to this part of South East Asia here is what you must do.


Explore the Georgetown city

Located within Penang, George Town is also known to be one of the most popular traveller's destinations in the country. This island offers a combination of traditional attractions mixed with modern elements to its visitors. Georgetown must definitely be visited mainly for its amazingly preserved historical and cultural buildings. Inside this city, you will also be able to find a number of beautiful Chinese style shops and some glittery shopping centres and Palaces. As a traveler, you have many more places to explore when in Georgetown. They include boutiques cafes studios and entertaining Bars. The local cuisine has a style of its own as it is a mix of Indian and Chinese cooking. If you are put up at a hotel in Malaysia Penang the likes of Travelodge Georgetown, then you definitely must try a few dishes.


Visit the Petronas twin towers

At one point in time, everybody knew that this was the tallest pair of buildings in the world. Though it was overtaken by a few other buildings later in the century this is still an iconic attraction in Kuala Lumpur. Inside this building, you will find office buildings, conference halls, shopping malls and a huge park. The major attraction that can be found inside the Petronas twin towers is its mind-blowing sky bridge. This bridge is the connection between the 2 buildings high up in the sky and the view from this place is unmatched. At the base of both buildings, you will find the mall and the park which has much to offer to its visitors.


The historic city

The Malacca historic city is definitely a must-visit if you are into that kind of knowledge and information. The port in this historic city used to be one of the major reasons that settlements came into this part of South East Asia. As the years went by this dock quietened down to become the quaint seaside city it is now. To have an authentic few days and to know of the cultural heritage and history of Malaysia visiting the city might be a good idea.


Pulau Redang Island

This is quite a lovely island and is definitely an attractive place for a visit. This place has become a popular and much-loved destination for all kinds of travellers especially if you are into diving. Being an island, this destination offers unspoiled natural beauty and underwater attractions which make it perfect for diving. Divers will also be able to find a number of entertaining trails and cliffs on this island which means that it attracts trekkers too. If you are planning on going on one of these hikes or treks it is advisable that you take along a local guide for safety.


The Kuala Lumpur tower

The Menara Kuala Lumpur tower is yet another one of the city's iconic landmarks. This tall building was built in the year 1994 and rises up to a height of 421 m. Just like the Petronas twin towers this place also offers amazing deck views of the city. You will also be able to see this building from most parts of the city, especially at night.